Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello Friday, so glad you joined us!

I'm trying desperately to blog more frequently. It's tough, but I know I can do this!
I have some quick shares today. Nothing fancy just some party prepping stuff.

This Sunday is Ethan's 5th birthday party. 5...I know, I look too young to have a five year old. thanks... *haha being sarcastic here* His actual birthday is at the end of the month. We decided sooner was better because 1. Summer is HOT here. Hellish! No, seriously his first birthday it was 108. IMAGINE!!? SO, the cooler the better. ;) 2. We plan on getting out of the heat for his birthday (beach time) 3. With 33 immediate family members we thought this day fit best with every ones schedules.

That said, Albert made some CUTE icons for cupcakes and napkin rings:

I plan on placing a Buzz at the top of a cupcake tower, and these cute aliens will be placed with toothpicks in each cupcake.

Albert also made Ethan a Pinata. He looks a bit creepy from the face. hahah BUT Buzz is a bit creepy from the face. HA!

Like every other person and their mama, I plan on floating these pompoms and lanterns over the food table. I have seen this A LOT! So call me a sheep, BAAAA! I am following along! ;) LOL

I also have a banner and some paper garland. They are somewhere around here... There is so much to do, and so little time. Better get to it!
I'll post a recap of the party on Monday. Have a splendid weekend friends!! I'll try not to get too stressed. :)
xoxo, Vero

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