Sunday, June 13, 2010

I want to remember....


I'm back. Wow, thanks for all the sweet emails and comments. I really loved reading each one. It got me thinking...we women have so much in common and yet we tend to shy away from sharing our experiences with each other. I know it's difficult!
I myself have never been fond of my weight. Even when I was 22 years old and weighed "my ideal", I was never truly happy. I was always ashamed to walk in front of a crowd, eat at restaurants and have my picture taken. I have ONE picture of me. I kick myself in the butt every time I think about it. I always felt fat even then, so I stayed away from the camera. Those picture would have been the perfect inspiration for me today. DAMN IT!
It has taken a lot out of me to post pictures on here. I'm at my highest weight and it hurts. I hate it! BUT, life doesn't stop, and you can't hide away from the camera until you lose the weight. As much as I would love to do that...I have children that one day will cherish my pictures.

That thought got me thinking...why do I even scrapbook? Sometimes I think it's a total waste of time & money. Then I look at my scrapbooks and I remember the reason....

I really want my story, my thoughts and my memories on paper. Some how along the way, I lost focus of the real reason. I got wrapped up in those things that really don't matter at all. I focused on the paper, the embellishments, the color scheme and design. I love looking at the 10 pictures I have of my childhood. LOVE it! I treasure those pictures. I just wish there was more to the picture. A little blurb. A story....What was I like? Was I the same as I am now? Was I full of humor, was I witty, was I shy?? LOL My mom tends to forget, seeing that she had 6 kids. ;)

Which leads me to my own little challenge. During my pregnancy, I took thousands of pictures, we did so much in those 9 months. We bought a house for one. We have stories there. lol We spent all our precious time left as a family of three and treasuered it. I left all those pictures on my hard drive. I never printed any, never made a layout or journaled my thoughts about them. I had good intentions, just never had enough motivation to put it on paper. I still remember why I took the picture, and why they mean so much to me. So, this past weekend I printed the pictures I adore the most, those that have left a story in my heart. The ones I look at and simply smile, or those that bring instant tears.

For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to scrap those 14 pictures. I'm going to write down the reason why they hold a special place in my heart, because I never want to forget.
My little series of layouts is called: I Want to Remember. Years from now...I want to remember what meant so much to me today.
Join me...please! Get those favorite pictures printed!! No matter if they are years old...or yesterday's picture. I challenge you to journal your thoughts, before you forget. :)

xoxo, Veronica


mommy2alex said...

What a great idea!!!
I have two pictures of me when I was pregnant - makes me sad, I so wish there were more!
I too am at my highest weight ever - 20 pounds higher than when I was 9 months preggars!! I hate it, it sucks. :[

meganklauer said...

Awesome! Thank you for the inspo!