Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lazy days of summer

I can not believe we are in this HOT 90 degree weather again and summer is still not FULLY here. ugh! I dread summer. I am SO NOT a summer person. Maybe it's because I can't wear a bathing suit *lol* or maybe it's the fact that I sweat like a pig when it's winter, so you can imagine me at summer time. egh!
Anyway, I came on here to share another layout not to whine. HA! I am on a roll, well, not really...but two layouts in two weeks. That my friends is the sweet smell of progress AND I have a newborn. Some credit here please. :)

(Layout from a Studio Calico Sketch- Maggie Holmes)

I had to hurry and snap a picture before Noah was up from his nap. AND as you can see the pic is all wonky-click on it for a larger image. I just had to scrap Ethan's obsession with his brother's cheeks. He can't stop kissing his brother. I have threatened him with time-outs. YES, insane! It's just that sometimes, Noah will scream from the smotherings. lol So sad, but so true.

Oh, and up next is something I found PRETTY DANG cool. Emily Anderson is this cool mama of 4. Yes, she has 4 little ones under 5. Bless her heart! Anyway, she started this thing called EMBRACE THE CAMERA. Every Thurs. She encourages us to "embrace the camera". I absolutely HATE pictures taken of me. BUT...I can't help but complain when I look through all the pics of Ethan as a baby and Albert is in all of them ha! It's my own fault. I tend to pick at my face, my rolls of fat, my freckles, my flabby arms and I just decide not to be in them...see...
So...that stops here! I plan on taking a pic with my munchkins every Thurs. Bed head and flabby arms. LOL SO....Please join me!


1 tired mama, with ratty hair.

1 cute 4 year old with a mouth full of lunch.

1 flabby arm (haha sorry, had to say it).

1 soon to be kindergartner, with crazy bed head.


Hope you have a good day, and I'll be back tomorrow with some cute icons Albert made for Ethan's birthday.

xoxo, Veronica


EileenMV said...

I sweat all winter too! I have a fan on my desk at work & it's on constantly - other people have on their space heaters & I have on my fan!!! The humidity really kicks my butt - we went from 70 to 90 with high humidity - yuck! Love your blog - everything is so cute!

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

thanks so much eileen!!

hannie said...

hahaha.. how fun for the photo embracing thing. and that LO is adorable! I wish my elder boy is addicted to his brother's cheek!

emily said...

haha...i see no flabby arm there!

fun picture...thanks for joining me this week!

simpledaisy said...

Just stumbled onto your blog!!
So cute::)
I am the complete opposite though..I am a summer girl through and through...bring on the heat I say:)

I don't see flabby arms!!
and I always say "just own it!"
Own those arms of yours....just think of all the great things they allow you to do!!
~Take care

Kathy Martin said...

Such a cute page! Great design! :)

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

Thanks Kathy!! This page was inspired by Stephanie Howell, she tends to stay in the middle. Totally copied that!

meganklauer said...

Another awesome layout and I love the photo idea! I am so the same way! I'd much rather be behind the camera!

sandra said...

I am no summer person either and I agree that it might have to do with the bathing suit thing, LOL! *rolls eyes* for all the skinnny people.

Love the layout :)
You have a newborn and are doing a lot better than I am, woman!