Thursday, June 10, 2010

The "real" me

I have a confession to make, I have not been myself on this blog of mine. In fact, I think this blog is vague and boring. After reading Stephanie's post today...I thought I would take back this blog.
I used to have 2 blogs (one was personal and one was for the shop). Things got so busy with the shop that I stopped blogging on the personal one. So, as of today, this blog will not only showcase our tags, but our life, my scrapbooks, my cute boys and occasionally me. :)

Here is a glimpse of the real me:

1. I'm by no means a super clean freak, but I am SUPER organized with some things. Like, Ethan's toys. They all have a box and each box has a's ridiculous!

2. Sometimes I wish I didn't "choose" to breast feed. It's hard work, it's painful and sometimes when no one is looking, I cry about it.

3. I can be verbally mean. If you attempt to treat me like crap, the outcome for you is NOT pretty. I have a HUGE-ugly mouth. Ask anyone that knows me personally. ;)

4. I refuse to go into the garage. Long story. Therefore, Albert is in charge of laundry here at the new house.'s piled high right now. *sigh*

5. I try to come on here (the computer) when the kids are a. napping or b. asleep. Mainly because I HATE feeling like I am neglecting them. Although, I have put on a movie MANY times for Ethan so I can get some "me" time. Otherwise, I'll go insane.

6. I owe the government LOTS of money for 2 degrees I haven't used ONE BIT. It's pretty sad. I used to cry daily about it and yell at Albert, as if it was his idea for me to stay home with the kids. :D I'm over it now.

7. This fall Ethan starts kindergarten and I'm worried that the teachers will think he is not prepared all thanks to me. Even though he is definitely academically prepared, it's the "socially" that makes me worry.

8. This shop just fell into my lap one day. Everything just fell into place, with the exception of another rude tag maker who tried to run us out of the business on day one. I still feel like this business is run by God, because I would have closed it down LONG, LONG ago! Nothing is ever worth the drama. We have so many faithful customers and SO many wholesale shops that the shop just keeps going on it's own. I am ever so grateful! :)

9. I've shied away from scrapbooking because of the whole "cattiness" out in blogland and this hobby. Friends that don't scrapbook can't believe the ugliness that goes on behind the scenes. It seems like sharing your story, and memories that you create on paper have become ONE huge competition. It's much like high school, when you just couldn't fit in no matter if you had the perfect pair of shoes, pants, hair..etc. It's ugly and today...I'm saying, "who cares if you hate my style or if I am too fat for MY blog. Just deal with it!"

10. I cuss like a sailor when I am PO'd, but with a human sponge walking around listening to my every word, things have changed. *frown* You will now catch me mumbling words like, "Dang-it, Frickity-Frack, and my favorite GRRRR!"

11. I tend to stay up way past my bed time, and wake up a hot mess, which benifits No ONE in this home! Then I have to deal with Albert calling me "mama grouchiness". LOL
So with that, I will ask you to share the real you with me. Leave a comment. It will make me feel so much better. :)

Oh, and speaking of "hot mess" is my embrace the camera picture. I kindly asked Ethan (with my EXPENSIVE camera) to snap a picture of "Noah-Nugget" and I this morning. The outcome was not pretty.
Exibit A:
Leave your comments, I would love to read your "real me" entries.

xoxo, Vero


Sasha "sweet thang" Holloway said...

I was abused and molested for over 9 years of my life by more than one person and family members. I stopped sleeping in the bathtub when I was 27 and I have more to share .. but that is a REAL ME process that I talk about on my blog .. and guess what you would never know that .. people only thought my husband is military which annoys the shit out of me because I fought for 16 years for this country and since not even a month in OFFICIALLY retired and the post is too emotional and the pictures I have lined up to share so in due time I will.. being a WOMAN in the military is HARD .. .. anyway that is my REAL ME ..

glad to see yall finally keeping it real .. I always do and will keep doing it and if it keeps me off of design teams and what not then I am OKAY with that .. I was told a few years ago that I should not because of this industry .. but WTF who cares.

Angela said...

Good for you!! I am the real me on my blog all the time- it is just easier that way!

Amanda Ann said...

#2. HUGS!!!!

#4. Now you have me wondering why... ;)

#8. Mean people suck. I am glad you didn't quit because I love your stuff!!!

#9. That is why there is a certain message board I don't post my layouts to. I wanted to share my work because I thought it was good, and I thought sharing your work was something scrappers did. Not so people could talk about me behind my back and say how much my stuff sucks. Bite me!

#10. Me too. I was in the Navy for 7 years and sometimes I shock myself! :O

Lulu said...

You're one bad ass mama.
Honesty is refreshing and impressive. Because it's HARD. It's so much easier to put on a big fat smile and lie.

Lisa said...

i love you.
you're beautiful.
screw the haters.
keep on being you because you = awesomesauce
i miss you!

mommy2alex said...

I so hate when people leave mean comments on someone's's their blog, they can say whatever they want! I don't understand, just don't read that blog if you have issue with the person! Ugh. So with that off my chest, I must say that I'm not terribly "real" on my blog since I've spent the past couple of years going through a tough divorce and my blog is stalked by my ex's girlfriend (yes, I put my blog as private for a while, but it was such a pain, I figured I'd just censor my posts a little, which sucks), but I am still a little real, but don't mention certain people in my life or post pictures of anyone other than my son. One day, life will stop being insane, I pray!
Thank you for your beautiful post and your gorgeous picture!!!
HUGS!! :)

sassypackrat said...

I love the REALNESS of your post! Life isn't always pretty and happy and fun. It's o.k. to share frustrations about that, it's human and real.

meganklauer said...

I love this! I'm glad I'm not the only one who can cuss with the best of em! Hee! Hee!

About Me said...

Sometimes I snack on my kiddos Goldfish crackers... and before I know it- they are gone.

... then I blame it on their dad :)

Bad mom moment.

Rachel said...

I love realness. I'm drawn to it, in fact, somewhat addicted.
Our "real" stuff is what connects us, right?!
I try to always be real on my blog and sometimes it gets me into trouble, but honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.
And that photo is BEAUTIFUL, btw.
I think you and your son look gorgeous. What a great capture. :)

Dawn Dutton said...

REAL is the greatest! Don't let the insecurities and pettiness of others draw you down. Do not sink to their level of nastiness. Just delete their messages or just don't respond. It is a shame that if they have nothing nice to say they should keep their yap shut!
I love your blog even though I am new to it.
NO ones life is perfect! Keep your head held high and keep on keeping on...
We all love you! And your blog.. and your family......

rhonda nickol said...

Over the past couple of days of reading blogs I have come to realize that only what you feel about yourself is what truly matters. Smile and embrace the beautifulness of you!

sandra said...

I think you 'know' a bit about me. Let's see. Something real--I have more friends online than I have in real life right now. It kinda sucks. What doesn't suck? You are one of those friends!!
I'm trying to be more me, too. It's hard because in person, I at least think I know who's judging me. Online, who knows who is!
Love the photo.
That is one cutie patootie!! and a hot mamacita.

alwayscharlie said...

I loved reading your post today! I'm not sure who the real me is but if I find her I'll let you know!lol

MrsJJB1999 said...

I am new to your blog and I am a fan with one reading!!! Thank you for your posting and saying the truth. What's real about me... I cuss, worry about eveything and what people think about me. I too am a suvivor of sexual abuse. I thank God for every moment in my life, the good, bad, and oh so ugly! I've made really bad choises and really good ones. I owe lots of $$$ for a degree I never used as well... thank you A.P.U.. I'm not perfect and at almost 40 I am what I am and I do chose to make changes for myself and not to please anyone else. I work hard and love in the same way. Thank you so much for doing this, I feel like I dont have to be ashamed of any thing.

Suzi said...

Thank you! I love your honesty and I love that pic of you and your baby. I regret not being in pictures more over the years becaue when my girls grow up they'll wonder where I was. I hate that I've always been ashamed of my weight, even when I looked good. You've inspired me to be more "real" and quit worrying about what others think. :)