Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Happenings!

So much is going on around here. We are enjoying SUMMER to the fullest!
I have plenty of photos to share. :) Here are Ethan's rainbow birthday cupcakes.
He wanted me to bake a rainbow cake but instead he settled on these gorgeous cupcakes!
One day he decided we should be super he had me sew a cape.
We took him to see Toy Story 3 for the second time, at the drive-in. Ahhh remember those!?
We took the boys to the beach and to a nearby lake for a picnic:
My baby is now 2 months going on 3.... STOP the clocks!! :(
We've been growing a garden and it's WONDERFUL!!
The lady who owned this house had horses for 25+ years. This makes beautiful fertilizer. Which in turn makes BIG, HUGE food!!!
Our zucchini:

How is your summer going? Are you enjoying this HOT weather??

I'll be back soon with something crafty sooner than later...:)



meganklauer said...

Looks like you guys are havin so much fun! LOVE the new look of the blog!!!

Lulu said...

Looks like you are having a family summer to remember. I LOVE that!

A said...

Adorable pictures!

Carol said...

OM Goodness - that zuchini is HUGE!! Beautiful photos :)

Mike Hamilton said...

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Barefoot in Portland said...

I LOVE the cupcakes! I have always wanted to make them!!

Karen @

Stay Funny said...

That's really cool cupcakes!
Love it!
Hope you have a beautiful Friday!