Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Batman & Robin

Well, hello November!

The year is almost over...can you believe that?
October flew by...and I am not happy about that. :( I missed my favorite pumpkin patch this year, but we did manage to take the boys to a local pumpkin patch. I just love this picture:

Noah's face is priceless! He loved all those large orange pumpkins. :)

Well, I stopped by to share the boys costumes this year. Here is Batman:
Ethan chose Batman, even though he has NEVER watched the show. lol His older cousin owns Lego Batman for the Wii and that was the end of his "Buzz Lightyear" phase.

So....I had to give Batman his sidekick:

Goodness! Noah rocked this costume! lol I love his little mask, but Albert smashed his right eye a bit. He is such a good sport. :D

We took Ethan trick-or-treating around my sister's neighborhood. He loved it! We hid his loot though, and he has only eaten 3 candies. Yeah, I'm one of those moms. I'm just scared of diabetes. But that's a whole other topic. ;)

How was your Halloween? Please share! Did you dress up?


Farmgirl Susan said...

Batman & Robin are adorable! In a totally tough, superhero kind of way of course. ;)

stephanie said...

that robin costume is too cute!