Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On my Craft Table....

Similar to wordless Wednesday...but instead every Wednesday, I will share a picture of what's on my craft table... with words. lol Join me will you!!?
Here is my craft:

Any guesses?? lol I am working on a quiet book for the kids. It's something I have always wanted to make for Ethan. With three kids, I'm sure it will get good use! It's made of fabric and felt. This is the first page. I still need to sew more strawberries. This page is counting and sorting strawberries. I have pink and red ones. I made that basket with felt and it was NOT easy. That's why it's a bit on the wonky side. ;)
Other pages I have in mind:
A Clock page
A drawing page (dry erase)
Matching pictures
Race car track

Last weekend I cleaned my craft room. It was disgusting! It's super organized now. A clean room inspires me to create little stuff here and there. This book will probably take months to finish but when I'm finished I will be sure to share with you!
Now, go snap a picture of what you are currently working on. I would love to see. Link it up here!

Here is something that is going around FACEBOOK:
Get Creative in 2011-I promise to send something hand made to the first 5 people who comment on this post... Within the year, you will get your surprise. In turn, you must post this as your status/on your blog and send something handmade to your first 5 comments. Lets have some fun and spread the creativity to our friends.

xoxo- Veronica


Jennifer and Amy said...

I love those quiet books - there are so many fun ideas out there for them! I am getting ready to head down to the scrap cave right now to get organized so I can actually make something in there, LOL!

BTW, are you doing printable Valentine's cards this year? They were perfect for my crazies last year! And so much more fun than store bought ones too.

Miss crafting with you girl!
xo, Jen

Amy Coose said...

Oh, I've never been creative enough to do a quiet book for my kids, so I'm very impressed with ya! I'd love to be one of your 5 peeps, and I will post this on my blog tomorrow. Another vote for the Vday cards. :)

Marie aka bettiescrapbook said...

Love that book! I have never made one but sooo sweet! I would love to do the 5 people but hmmm I am scared lol! Dont count me on it. LOL!

Jennifer and Amy said...

Thanks girl! And I am in for the sharing creativity! Eeek! It is kinda scary but totally fun!

xo, Jen

Nathalie said...

Wooooo, this is SOOOOOOO cute!!!! I am very attracted by felt lately but have not started exploring... Love the Get Creative idea too :)

Donna said...

love the idea of the pass it ford, I will join in. I have made a number of books for my children (6) and they are forever getting them out and playing with them. I have never done one with fabric, looks wonderful!

kaly said...

I have had thoughts of quiet book pages percolating in my mind for some time now. I found some really fun ideas in the Scrapbook Trends Handmade Jun/Jul 2010 magazine. And especially there are some fun ideas for little girls! How exciting for you!