Monday, January 31, 2011

Scrapbooking....what's that?

Scrapbooking? Yes, I attempted a layout this weekend. I haven't scrapped in a long time. I can't say I've missed it either. I don't know why. I usually stay away from a craft and come back to it extremely motivated. I have yet to feel that extreme motivation. :(
I was hesitant to even post this. I'm missing something...I've been trying so desperately to scrap ONLY pages that have meaning to me. Or the pages I can only hope have meaning to my kids.

The other day, I was talking to Albert about the boys, I keep wondering will they even care about these pages, books, and altered stuff I make for them? Will they call it junk?
Does that ever cross your mind?
I hate thinking about that, but the truth is, when they are older, paper may just be a thing of the past. Don't mean to be such a Debbie Downer.
I know I love looking at baby/childhood pics of myself. I have VERY few. In fact, I have a handful. I would have loved a handmade scrapbook all about me, made by my mom. My mother had 6 kids and we were poor, so that was not possible. I really hope pages like these will be treasured someday.

Anyway, here is a layout I made:
Very Valentine-ish. All about a MOTHER'S LOVE. The picture is awful. It was a week after delivering Noah. I look tired, worn know, like a mother who just had a baby!!! Via C-Section-may I add! lol

I tucked the journaling behind the picture. and dangled some's as good as it's gunna get. :P

Wednesday, I have a WONDERFUL scrapper. You will love her. Can't wait to show you what she created. Perhaps she will get me out of this funk!?
Til then, have a good one!



Cynthia B. said...

I truly believe that your books will be cherished! Does your family look through your albums now? Because my kids will occasionally thumb through our family albums, and they get a kick out of them - as do I, because I enjoy them remembering those times we had when they were little.
And- since it's your family business too, I'm sure they and future generations will recognize the love you put into all your creations!

Joanne said...

I have very few things from my Dad who passed away 22 years ago. I know for a fact that your kids will love and cherish these momentos. Blessings, Joanne

TeenaBugg38 said...

personally I find this beautiful!! And red happens to be my fave color so it doesn't seem too valentinish for me :) Your kids will treasure these one day trust me....but ya know,if you don't love it and it feels like such a chore....step back. You create memories for your kids every single day. When they are grow and ahve children of thier own they will think back and remember 2whe whether they ahve the scrapbook or not :) Dont stress about it sweety....its supposed to be fun!!!!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

I love your layout!!!! I'm sorry to hear you are in a funk.. it's this darn weather/season I am convinced! But, I think I remember you are also expecting a sweet little angel - so your hormones might be all a jumble busy mama!!!!! Hugs to you... I for one appreciate all your creative goodies... my gosh! LOVELY!!!

I also do not have a lot of photos from my childhood and I LOVE to scrapbook about my kids...and all sorts of fun events, etc. ...Here is a testimony to why I feel this is a worthwhile hobby: I made an album of my Grandma's recipes with photos and stories from all my relatives... she is 97 now and I did it when she was 93! Anyway, one of my cousins died over the weekend, and I opened the book, (I knew exactly where it was, on a shelf - not in an unmarked box in the closet), found a picture of that cousin and was able to show my daughter who I lost... this is the only place I have a photo of him. At the same time, she saw a photo of me when I was about 5, and a photo of her at the same age - and she loved how much we looked alike!

Your boys and daughter are going to cherish every little thing you have made - every little thing they can get their hands on... it might not be now, but it will be in time... and who knows! You might want to duplicate some albums so the originals don't get lost!

Kelly Massman said...

What a beautiful page! Full of love!

Anonymous said...

I say don't worry about if they will like it and focus on what it means to you. I know whats it like to wonder if people treasure the little things you have made. My mom was always "room mother" and I have friends from school that tell me they have the little things my mom used to make them, hell I don't But the point is it made her happy doing it at the time. Though it didn't mean anything to me then I look back now and see myself doing the same things. What matters is you are passing down the love one way or another. And the kids are touched one way or another

Amy Coose said...

I just adore this! I am totally copying this, love the LOVE shown here.

Kristie said...

Sometimes I wonder if these albums will be as loved as I hope they will be...then I remember how many times they have already been looked my kids will say at the dinner table, "remember when" and then refer to the scrapbook don't worry and don't pressure yourself. I took a several year hiatus from scrapping while my kids we really little:) Now I'm back at it and loving it again!