Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentine Party Ideas

Ever since we had kids, Albert and I have stopped buying V-day gifts for each other. I always make him a card or mini album but nothing store bought. We used to buy each other nice gifts and he always came home with a box of Sees chocolates and roses. Perhaps he will read this and remember those days. *wink-wink*
As most of you mamas know, the focus always changes to the kids. We have been fortunate enough to go out on a date days after Valentine's. WE always stay in on V-day because, the wait for a nice restaurant will leave you starving and grouchy. lol
This year, I hope to make a special kid friendly Valentine dinner. Since Ethan is old enough to enjoy it and not complain.
I've been compiling some cool ideas for said Valentine dinner. :) Here are some of the awesome ideas out there!

I'm always making homemade pizza. I hate frozen kind-I'm a bit of a pizza snob. I just like knowing what's in my pizza. :) So, making a heart shaped pizza would be PERFECT!

Cookies- mmm. It's a toss between cookies or cupcakes. I'm still up in the air. I know Ethan would love to help decorate either one!
How stink'n cute are these paper straws?? I just ordered some for this special reason here.
I plan on making strawberry lemonade instead of raspberry, but this recipe is great inspo!

I still need some decoration inspo. Perhaps some cute napkin rings or a homemade banner. Do you have any cute ideas to share with me?

I'm still searching and will be sure to post pictures of our actual dinner. :) Happy Tuesday!



Melissa Charmaine said...

You should check these decorations out. They might be good inspiration.




Shabby Chic Crafts said...

Thanks Melissa I love that last set-up with the frames and candy jars!!