Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Guest Designer

My all-time favorite television show is Little House on the Prairie. I still cry at all of the good parts even though I’ve seen them a million times.
I have nightmares about my teeth falling out. I don’t know why, I just do. LOL!
I get emotional every time I hear bagpipes playing (parades, etc.). There is just something about them that moves me to the core.
I love to collect dinnerware. How cool would it be to have enough room in your house to store a new set for every month of the year?!
I grew up loving country, folk, and bluegrass music and secretly wish I had the talent to be a singer-songwriter

I am most creative first thing in the morning or in the wee hours of the morning when the house is quiet and I don’t feel guilty ignoring my TO DO list.
I began scrapbooking because I loved playing with paper and because I wanted to record my family’s story from the very beginning when I married my husband. I had always been a dedicated journal writer and I loved the idea of combining my thoughts with pictures onto a scrapbook page. All the fun papers and goodies made it even that much more fun!

I have so many great memories from my childhood, but my favorites seem to come mostly from our family camping trips in our RV. My dad worked three jobs, but in the summertime he would take 3+ consecutive weeks off, hitch up the RV, collect the family, and just start driving. I have memories of celebrating Easter in the red rock canyons of southern Utah, flying kites on the Oregon beach, and visiting dozens of national monuments and parks. My mom is a history buff and would teach us everything she could about all the places we went. It was a lot of fun!
I love to machine stitch and add buttons on my pages. I love how quick and easy it is, and how it adds immediate depth and “friendliness” to a project.

My favorite TV show right now is Modern Family. It’s a classic in the making!
In my spare time I like to blog, read, cross-stitch, loom knit, travel with my family, reorganize my scrap space, and scrapbook (of course!).
Thank you Jana! We love all your projects and feel so lucky to have you as our guest!
Now...on to those amazing projects:
Tags Used: Spring is in the air- icons, envelopes, & artisans. She also used Spring hidden journaling cards and Spring mini scalloped flowers.
I love that Jana made the Spring mini scalloped flowers into tiny butterflies! (A step-by-step tutorial is coming).

Tags used on the Spring card: Starburst, Spring is in the air artisan & icon.
This smile layout is one of my favorites! Here are the tags she used: Flower border ATCs, Spring mini wood grain frames, Months of spring cards.

I love that she made the Flower border ATCs into mini frames and added some pearls! So creative!
This layout makes me crave SUMMER! Here are the tags she used: Starburst, Spring is in the air icons, Flower Border ATCs, and Spring mini wood grain frames.
At the very top she used a piece of the Chic Notecard tag and stitched it on the layout, for an extra border.

I hope you enjoyed her gorgeous projects as much as I did. I just knew she would rock the socks off our tags! She is pretty amazing! Please check out her blog. She will be hosting a small giveaway with our spring tags. Thank you so much Jana!!!

xoxo, Veronica


Anonymous said...

Your work is beautiful...I love and have all of the "Dear Lizzy" line. You have given me many more great ideas!!
I love to learn from other people. I am glad I came across this!!!

Natalie said...

beautiful pages!! love how she made the butterflies!! <3

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Jana is one of my absolute favorite scrap-bookers!!!!

And, my goodness, look at all this great work!

What a wonderful Guest!!!

ps.. LOVE the idea of taking three weeks off and hitting the road in an RV... my kids would love it - and with the history lessons! What GREAT parents!!!!!!

Cynthia B. said...

I LOVE Jana's work! So cool that she's the guest designer this month. Excited to see more amazing things this month!

meganklauer said...

Wow! What beautiful work. Love Jana's style!

Lesley said...

I have a travel scrap book album but haven't a clue where to start - this has given some ideas.

Laura Evangeline said...

Oh, I want to be on your design team so badly! I love everything about EVERYthing!!! :-)

Grow Online Business said...

It's like my childhood projects. It made me reminisce my elementary years when I first created my scrap book and design it from scratch without any idea how. Your blog is one of my favorite now. Can you advice me on how I should organize mine?