Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tips and Technique Tuesdays- Hidden Journaling

Hello!! I know most of these tips and techniques are not new to the avid paper crafter...but, I think they would be helpful to a "new" scrapbooker/paper crafter. Hopefully they will stir up some creative juices for everyone! :) If you are like me, you are not fond of people reading your journaling. It's not that I don't like my own handwriting...it's just that some of my journaling is very personal. I love showing my friends and family my albums (when they ask), and I love that my personal thoughts can be hidden from view. Here are 5 ways to "hide" your journaling on pages or mini albums: 1. Swivel circles- Cut/punch 2 circles (same size), overlap them. The journaling will be hidden on the inside layer, use a brad to hold in place: 2. Folded Tabs- fold your paper in half (like a card):
Make a pull tab with ribbon or scrap paper. You can journal inside and add extra pictures like this:
3. Picture Pockets- stitch or glue around the edge of a picture to make a pocket:
Hide your journaling on a tag, simply slip the tag inside your pocket (behind the photo):
4. Library Pockets- I made an envelope using a template from online and pattern paper. You can also buy pre-made envelopes from our shop. :)
It's a quick way to hide your journaling. Just slip your letter or tag inside. We have hidden journaling tags perfect for library pockets.
5. Envelopes- Use any kind of envelope! Adding envelopes to your page or mini album is a quick and easy way to hide your journaling. You can decorate the front:
Maya Road makes this cute kraft envelopes that are the perfect touch to any project!

There you have 5 easy-peasy hidden journaling tips! Thanks for stopping by today, hope you enjoyed these fun tips.

xoxo, Veronica


Cynthia B. said...

Thanks for the tips! Nowadays, I get lazy and just write on the back of a page, but I love looking at the way you've included these hidden journaling on your projects. Great reminders - thank you!

mommy2alex said...

Awesome ideas! I have those envelopes and they'd be perfect in a mini album, must put it on my to do list!