Wednesday, March 9, 2011



Sorry for the lack of posts. My little ones are BOTH sick. I plan on being back real soon. :)
Ethan skipped 4 days of school and now Noah is coughing non-stop.

We are starting something NEW at Shabby Chic Crafts and that has kept us SUPER busy. We hope to share with you in 2 weeks. We have received SOOO many request for this, that Albert and I decided, why not? Lets give this a try. I hate to be so vague, but I really want to show you the whole project not just snippets. eeeek!

I will be back soon. Please send good healthy thoughts this way. Thank you friends. :)

Oh, and one last thing, will someone PLEASE follow the blog, so I won't see that ------> number.
lol I'm usually not superstitious, but in this case I am. hahha

xoxo, Veronica


Kaitlin said...

I had sick kids a couple weeks ago- no fun! Hope everyone feels better real soon and that you stay healthy :) Excited to see your new project you guys have been working on- and love the new site! I would follow but I don't use the readers...haven't made time to figure them out- hopefully someone does soon :)

mommy2alex said...

Oh no, sickies GO away!
I'm so impatient and so very excited about what you have planned!!
Take care :)

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Another impatient follower!!!! And looks like two girls came to your rescue..... on that number thing!!!

Your blog is looking cute, too!

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

YAY! Thanks ladies! That number popped up last night...heheh I was really hoping it would be gone by the a.m. and when it wasn't I though...oh no someone please heeeelp. hahah I know, I'm drama! lol

rhonda said...

Hope the boys get feeling better! And I check your blog everyday!

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

Ms Rhonda...THANK you sorry it's been a little dead around here. I will be back...I have a good line up too. :) Need to organize. :)

Lesley said...

Would you like to link swap?


MaraMay said...

Oh Em Gee I can't believe I wasn't following you!!! ;)

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

Mara- shame.... :)

Joanne said...

AWWW I hope they feel better soon! Can wait to find out what you have been working on! Blessings, Joanne

Megan said...

Hope everyone's back to 100% soon!