Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bits of Summer

Hello! How is your summer going?
I found this list of things to do on Pinterest and thought what a cool idea! There are some inexpensive fun things to do with the kiddos in this list!Speaking of kiddos....these kids need some entertainment PRONTO! They are driving mama a little nuts. Ethan has started with the dreaded "I'm bored" and it's only been 2 weeks. Oy!In attempts to solve his boredom and save my sanity. I have compiled some cool activities for these kiddos. Here is my summer of FUN list:

Go to the Park (early in the morning since it was 107 degrees yesterday)
Run through the sprinklers
Make a Slip & Slide (slip in slide= big plastic and water hose)
Swim at the pool
Go fishing
Go hiking
Water balloon toss
Eat LOTS of watermelon and strawberries
Draw with sidewalk chalk
Go to the beach
Go to the library or book store
Have a picnic
Go t the lake
Make a fort
Visit a museum
Make popsicles
Paint a canvas
Movie date (watching Cars on FRIDAY
Visit the zoo
Ride bikes

What do you have planned for the summer??


mommy2alex said...

Love, love, love that picture of your three sweeties!!!!
Your list sounds fun! We've had such horrible weather, we've not gotten anything on our list done (which looks very similar to yours!), but today's looking sunny so we're having a picnic at the park. :)

jengd said...

Great list. Our summer is similar- popsicles, pool, Childrens' Museum, Science Center, crafts, movies... Thanks for the giveaway over at Tatertots & Jello!

Heather Nash said...

I am visiting from TT&J... I love your prints! You are incredibly talented. I am a happy new follower.

Tania said...

You have three cute kiddos. Love your list of things to do during the summer. Visiting from Tatertots and Jello. Love the giveaway you have going on over there.

Great flower lady said...

I seen your post on tater tots and jello.. great blog..

JP's MOM said...

Popped pver from tater tots and jello. Love your tags and ideas! will be following. :-)

Ruth said...

Summer is fun but it can be hard to keep the kiddie happy and entertained.

Good luck!!


Wendy said...

Fun summer ideas! I'm here from TT&J...thanks for the giveaway.

Rebecca (Soap Deli News Blog) said...

I'll be making soap all summer to prepare for the holiday season. But for fun I like to read and visit the local bars for live local music. My favorite band is a bluegrass band called Grass Monkey. Of course, my boyfriend is the bass player. ;) Found you via Tatertots and jello!