Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cousins and a 1 month old

Lately, life is hectic. I'm one warned me how exhausting 3 children under the age of 6 would be. lol Not even my own mother...who has 6 kids! I'm hanging in there.
It helps that Albert is an awesome dad. He helps out SO much.
Needless to say, this blog is being neglected. I'm finding some balance and I've started scrapbooking for me again. I'm using all my old product with a couple of splashes of new paper here and there. I'm darn proud of the fact that I'm creating anything at all. :)
Here are some pictures I really wanted to focus on, because Ethan loves his cousins. These pictures are from Easter, the boys played all day together and the bickering. tehehe
Overall I love this layout. I love the simplicity and I love that it took a good 30 minutes to make!

This layout was also a quickie. I just can't spend too much time on one thing anymore. I had to create a 1 month layout for Maddie's scrapbook. I used some old paper that went very well with AC-Hello Sunshine paper.
I used 2 SCC tags: Spring Doilies & Bon Voyage Date Labels.

I'm still working on a summer mini album. I'm thinking next week we are heading out to the beach and we have a small pool party for Ethan next week. Trying not to lose my mind. :)
What are your summer plans??

xoxo, Veronica


Anonymous said...

Glad things are going well and LOVE both layouts!

Raven B said...

WOW those layouts are fabulous! I just want to say as a momma being who had at one time (not too long ago) 3 babies under 6 as well that it does get easier. I not have a 5,7 and 9 year old and OH MY GOODNESS they are 100 times easier as they get older ;) Plus it always helps having a good daddy to help along the way. I'm so glad to see you getting your craft on.

rhonda said...

Wonderful layouts Veronica! My family just got back from a vacation in TN and my husband and I are off to the first ever Nascar Sprint Cup race in KY(huge Jeff Gordon Fan) our first time ever to a race and on Aug. 4th we have tickets to see Paul McCartney in Cincy(huge Beatles fan) these were our 25th wedding anniversary gifts to each other. Have a great weekend!

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

Thnks ladies!
Rhonda- your summer sounds fantastic!!! Can you pack me in your bag with you!? heheh :)