Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in The Life Photos- Tuesday

Hello! Here was our Tuesday. It was a whole lot busier than our Monday.
Dishes never end. After breakfast. I make sure the kids have full tummies and are playing in EYES view. This is when I do a quick sweep of dishes and pots and such...

Ethan has been watching lots of Netflix. It's a sign of a lazy summer.

For lunch, I baked a pizza for the kiddos. I thought I would spare you a big butt shot and take a different view. You're welcome. ;)

Yes, it was delish!

See? He looks happy!

I have pics of my kiddos in the bath for my album...I didn't want those posted here.

I wish I could say this laundry is a new load from Monday...Not so my friends. lol

these kids are always snacking..all day long. It never ends. I should invent a necklace with snacks attached around it. haha I know, that would get messy.

when the babies both take naps, as they did yesterday...I do a happy dance, but not for too long. I have fun things to do!

I usually look at prettythings. Pinterest is my guilty pleasure.

H20 in a Mason jar, it's a country thing! lol nah, I'm lazy and it holds a lot of water.

I snuck in a little crafting too.

then the babies were up...

back to playing!

not too hot.

when daddy got home, the boys went out to play. It was much cooler outside.

after dinner, I cooked a gourmet meal of hot dogs and potato salad. lol we went out for ice cream. Someone needs to wash the car!

mmm my two favorites (pistachio & chocolate chip). Noooo I didn't eat that whole thing, sheesh! Ok I did.
That was our wonderful was yours?


Cindy said...

what a great day you had & LOVE your pictures. yum, homemade pizza.

♥Amber Filkins: Silver Lining♥ said...

I love reading your posts. Thrifty ice cream is the best. I always get Cherry Chip & Mint Chocolate Chip. And heck ya I eat the whole thing!!

♥ Amber

Ursula said...

OMG! I thought I had so good pictures, until I saw yours. I LOVE the way you see! Beautiful beautiful. Need to study your work girl!

Joanne said...

Wow I LOVE your pictures! the water in the mason jar makes me feel so thirsty!
great post!
Blessings, Joanne

Amanda Ann said...

Haley had the same high chair and swing!! :P And the bouncy seat and play pen. LOL

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

Thanks ladies!
I appreciate your're making me blush Ursula. I saw your pics. OMG!
Amanda- I love the swing!
Amber- I feel better...except I'M NOT preggo! hahah
Cindy- I have you bookmarked. I love your blog!
Joanne- it def make me drink lots of water. :)

kelsey said...

I agree...your pictures are amazing. We totally use mason jars too. And with lemons;).

mommy2alex said...

I {heart} mason jars, they're awesome for cold drinks!
Your house is SO clean, I'm jealous - how do you do it all?!
Looks like everyone in your house is a very happy!!
I will join your club - put those toys away before I donate them!

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

Mommy to Alex- No way... we have crumbs everywhere! hahah and shoes. In the next post you will see that there is a random shoe in the hall way hahah
And...the laundry is piled in my room.
It is cleaner now that hubby is back at work. I guess I clean more to pass time.