Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life Photos- Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Today was pretty sweet lovah buns turned 34!
We started our morning off simple...oatmeal and scrambled eggs all around.

Yup, he's tired of the..I quote, "silly pictures" lol. So glad I'm doing my job. I'm here to torture you buddy! Wait til you're a teen. lol Oh, and I just noticed something...I TOTALLY earn MOTHER OF THE YEAR...see Ethan's chin. Yup, ice cream. From last night! hahah That's the cause of a day time bath.

I rearranged my pics on the fridge, and added some of Maddie. LOVE!

For those wondering...Noah was taking his 10 am nap and well, Miss I'm going to cry all day was on the table where Noah can't reach her. :)

We spent most of the day cleaning Ethan's room...because I'm tired of toys everywhere!! Who's with me? There should be a club for us mamas. The gosh dangit put your toys away YUP!

Nursing Maddie is a daily routine-I see this, almost all day.

This boy spends most of his day drawing...he is super  talented.

While daddy was at work Grandma Lidia called and said she had made us dinner for Albert's birthday.

Grandma loves to cook!

this may look plain...but this chicken tostada is delish! She adds seasoned onions...OMG!

We bought Albie a small cake. We only added 24 know, to prevent forest fires and all. HA!

and of course Noah was ready to eat! I must add, there were no presents because we celebrated Albert's birthday on Sunday.
Tres Leches with raspberry filling...wipe your drool. YUM!

Albert and his dad had a couple of beers.

While the boys played in the backyard.

This picture reminds me that he needs his FIRST hair cut. People are starting to give me that puzzled look. "Is he a he??" Yes, HE is!!

Well, that was our Wednesday. Hope yours was eventful! :)


ejmom said...

Happy belated to your hubby! Love those photos. Your baby boy's curls are too precious.

rhonda said...

Happy birthday Albert and I think your children have the best hair so beautiful!

dtahphotography said...

That birthday cake looks sooo yummy

mommy2alex said...

Happy Belated Birthday Albert!!! The tostado and cake look out-of-this-world delicious!!