Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby snuggles

Hello friends!
We took the babies to the beach this past weekend to visit close friends and to meet their precious daughter. She is adorable! The children enjoyed the beach. Noah is a true little beach bum:
Ethan and Albert played with the waves. The beach was perfect! It was warm and sunny. ahhh
Maddie stayed with me. She ate and sat...
After, we gathered our sand babies and headed to IHOP for dinner. Ethan's favorite. Me....not so much. :) The boys LOVE pancakes. We got home pretty late, but the babies slept on the car ride home. THAT was nice. tehehe

In a few days...this little 6 year old starts FIRST grade. *sigh*  And we will say good-bye to summer vacation. *weeps* Good-bye sleeping in, good bye staying up late and good bye mama's little helper.
Have your kiddos started school yet? How's your summer treating you? Hope all is well!
xoxo, Veronica


mommy2alex said...

A beach trip is such a nice way to start wrapping up summer! We went to the waterpark yesterday and are on our count-down to school starting, trying to mark off the rest of our summer to-do wish list. Fishing and splash-pad are the only things left, but will revisit some other things.
Gorgeous layout! I must get some AmyT things soon!

Lulu said...

Nice to finally meet your entire tribe! Xoxo