Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November!

I think I'm sick. Scratch that...I AM SICK. I keep thinking if I don't say it out loud it will go away. lol Us mama's don't get "sick" days. So here I am, itchy throat, runny nose, one baby napping, the other wide awake and working on future projects.
I was feeling super lucky for a while, the babies were sleeping in sync and they were letting me get things done during the day! Now it's history. They seem to be taking turns...no bueno. :(
In other news, our Halloween was great! Took the kids to my sister's and Ethan walked around one block. ONE block!? Then he walked back and helped my sister pass out treats.
The costumes were perfect on each kid! Don't you love that? My 6 year old- skinny boy was Spider man. It fit his personality perfectly! Noah was a lion. The cutest lion EVER!! :) And my girl...she was a little ladybug. Rosy little cheeks, button little nose and crazy sass. Just look at that glare. YIKES! All kidding aside, she is my sweet, sweet, little "lady". She completes us.
How was your Halloween, do you celebrate?
I'm excited to start on Christmas crafts. I have a whole pinterest board going...and I hope to try all those ideas! How many of you are ready? Too soon....?  We'll get there! *wink*
xoxo, Veronica


rhonda said...

Veronica your children are adoreable and hopefully this weekend I will get my cards done and some work on my DD done too. Have a great week!

mommy2alex said...

The kids look adorable!!!!
I'm off to look at your pinterest boards (not that I'll get any crafting done, all I seem to do is look lately!!).