Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Everyday Life items!


How many of you are joining in on the Project Life fun!? I'm starting Project Life tomorrow. I can't wait!
Albert and I created 25 new sets and we added BUTTONS to our shop too!

Staring off the new year right! I will scrap more in 2012! I will! :)
Hope you have a safe New Years!!
Wishing you and your family a wonderful NEW Year! Watch out 2012...HERE I COME WITH A VENGEANCE!!!! :)

xoxo, veronica


rhonda said...

Happy New Year and I LOVE ALl of your new items!

Michelle*G said...

Love, love, love the new products! May 2012 be more than you hope it can be!

Lulu said...

Argh, where did my comment go? Anyway, here's the gist:
I miss reading your blog! I remember (before FB and a little bit during the MySpace hype) when I used to be on this all the time! Do you remember when we would blog and it was sans children? Seems like a lifetime ago.
I hope all is well with your world. We miss the M&L Family and hope we get to see more of you guys in 2012. I know The Man misses his gym locker buddy, for sure ;)
Lots of love to your family from ours...

Anonymous said...

Dude! I'll take two of everything please! This stuff is amazing!!! So proud of you. ;)