Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Love....

The chicks over at the crafting chicks blog created some cute things using our Spring tags. I love showing how our tags can be used in various ways. They truly are the every day crafting tag. :)
Here is a frame using our Chic Note cards, Spring numbers and Spring Mini Wood grain Frames:
Jen also made some of our tags into magnets:
I love how she used the Spring envelopes for notes!
This little jar is so's the perfect quick gift for teachers, neighbors, church friends...
She used some Spring Icons and Starburst tags.

Tomorrow, I have a GREAT guest designer using more of our spring tags...these little tags have been so popular. I thank you for your continued support and encouragement. We love that so many new stores have recently purchased these. The colors are so bright and fun...they scream SPRING!!!
Please come back tomorrow to view some more spring projects.
xoxo, Veronica

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Shower Invite Idea #3 :)

Albert picked 2 numbers- 7 and 27. It's his birthdate. :)
Number 7- Tina Ruiz said...Hello!

I'm following your blog! super cute invitations!
Number 27- Sharon said...

I can't remember how I found your blog, but have been following for a while now. I have 3 boys, so of course your picture caught my eye immediately! Would love to win some tags :)

Please send me your address via email.

I promise this is the last baby shower invite idea. tehehe When I saw these invites online, I just knew I had to make some too! I personally think mine are WAY better. Ugh, so full of myself! lol
I used 6" paper doilies, Albert printed the info onto card stock, I tied some pink and blue tulle at the top and sewed a butterfly onto the invite.I scored with the envelopes because I had left over envelopes from our Costco Christmas cards. They are the perfect fit! Whoo!!
****Giveaway*** I have 2 packages of tags up for grabs. Each set has 50 tags! Trust me they are good. They have a mixture of everything...LOVE!
Every time we cut and package we have left over odds & ends. It's just what happens...they are all in good shape, and so I collect them in a big box.
I made 2 packages with 50 tags in each pack.
**How to enter**
Leave a comment telling me how you found this blog, or you can add yourself to our FB page, Twitter page or become a NEW follower of our blog for extra chances to win.(come back and post that you are following).
I'll pick 2 winners tomorrow night. :)
Hope you have a great Thursday!!
xoxo, Veronica

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On My Craft Table- Handmade Cupcake Toppers

I realize today all my projects are looking repetitive. lol I think when it comes to party themes that's the point right? If you're tired of looking at doilies and sorry. :) I'm pretty sure all my ideas can be switched to match your theme too, so please stay awhile!
Today, I made cupcake toppers sans cupcakes. The baby shower isn't until March but I need this head I'm not stressing days before the shower. Know what I mean?
Here is what I did, I used some Spring Doilie tags, cut some fabric, cut a 1.25" circle (used illustrator to write "welcome Baby") and punched a butterfly. I used my sewing machine to layer it all.
Here is a close up. The tag is from our shop and the pattern paper is from my stash. it's old. I have no idea who made it, but it sure is pretty!
If you have any questions, please ask away. I know sometimes picture don't explain enough.
Have a wonderful Wed!
xoxo, Veronica

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick and Easy Baby Shower Decor

We took a nice break from the computer yesterday. I'm back with a quick and easy way to decorate your office, home, or party/baby shower.
If you haven't guessed theme will have tons of doilies and butterflies. :)
All I needed for this easy decor was some embroidery hoops, doilies of different sizes/colors (my mama made these), butterfly punch and some pattern paper.

I first punched some butterflies with a Martha Stewart butterfly punch, then I stitched the butterflies onto the doilies, last, I wrapped the doilies around the hoop. Ta-da!! That was it.
It was super easy! I'm putting this display behind the candy buffet table.
Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo, Veronica

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Favorites- Baby Shower Candy Buffet & favor bags

Well, it's no secret that this chubby lady loves CANDY. ;) Who else is with me?
I've had gestational diabetes with all 3 of my pregnancies. Luckily, it goes away the minute the baby is out.
It makes no sense that I would torture myself with so much sugar in one place-a candy buffet...oh, but call me crazy... I loved the faces on all my guest last year when they saw the cute candy buffet table I put together.
SO, I'm doing it again! Here are some fantastic candy buffet tables I found on none other than, Pinterest.

I love the pompoms and paper lanterns above this table. It makes the table that much more appealing. I was thinking this would look great over the buffet table.

Although this is a Christmas theme candy table, the colors match mine. The selection is small, but I think its perfect!

I like all the baked goods at this table...I might be able to convince my sister to bake cupcakes and cookies. mmmm.

Love the flowers in the vase, but it might be just a tad too fancy for me. This would look really nice at a wedding. lol

Here is my absolute FAVORITE table. It has affordable treats! I'm definitely having yogurt covered pretzels, mama's animal cookies, M&Ms and taffy....all pretty cheap items. :)

Here is the favor bag I made. They won't be sewn shut. But I plan to sew the bottom. I have crochet flowers in there instead of candies, it was just to give you an idea of the finished baggie.

Here is a close-up shot of the details.

 Here is what I used:
5X7" Glassine envelopes from It's in the Bag!
Paper doilies
Pink Twine from The Twinery
Pink fabric
Paper tag-Shabby Chic Crafts Grandma's Doilies
American Crafts Pattern paper (butterfly- used MS punch)
Crochet flowers (custom made by Liliy's Crochet)
Hope you have a great weekend...We will be releasing more tags in the shop next week. :)
xoxo, Veronica

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wishes for Baby Cards & Jar!

I saw the cutest idea on Pinterest the other night and knew I had to make some of my own. They were some little cards that read: Wishes for baby. The design did not go well with my style. So, I made some of my own using my baby shower colors and theme. I also made it into a free Pdf for you. :) I know you may not be using these colors, but if by chance you are, here is a freebie!
I love the idea of looking back at these cards when she gets a bit older, and reading all the cute messages that were left in this jar. I am only inviting family and close friends, I'm sure they will love leaving her a message too. :)
I also figure that you could use this idea for weddings and birthdays. The possibilities are endless when it comes to crafts!
I'm addicted to Mason jars and doilies at the moment. I just had to replicate the Valentine jar I made, I added fabric and lace this time around, I LOVED using fabric and some vintage lace.
Here is what I used:
A Mason jar
Vintage lace
Fabric (very cheap at Joanns)
American Crafts ribbon & Thicker letter
Shabby Chic Crafts-NEW! Spring Grandma Doilies tag
Scalloped circle
Inside jar- (Free Baby Wish Cards)
Twine (color-Blossom from The Twinery)

Thanks for stopping by! I really enjoy your comments and suggestions. I appreciate my readers SO much. It helps to know you are actually sharing this with someone. :) Thanks peeps!
xoxo, Veronica

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On my craft table- fabric baby shower invites

Hello Today is our first day of "Oh, Baby" (our baby series).
In the next couple of days or weeks, I will be sharing the projects I have come up with for my own baby shower and projects for baby too. The baby shower ideas will includes games, decor, favors, food etc. I will have free printables for some of these ideas too. Just in case you need them for your own shower. First up- my invitations. I can't seem to stick with just one.
The other day I created a design with doilies. I'm a bit obsessed with them right now, and they add a nice vintage touch too.
I used Adobe Illustrator to make a very simple design.
Using transfer sheets, I printed them, cut them and ironed them onto some white fabric. This fabric was the DEVIL. I believe it was the design that ruined it for me. The transfer was not sticking. I was NOT a happy camper. So, before I make more, and invest on transfer paper....I need new fabric.
After the design is ironed on, I sewed the edge with pink thread. This helps with frays.
After, I lined a plain white envelope with some pink pattern paper. There you have it easy fabric baby shower invitations. I am sure this will work with any theme or party. I'm off to buy new fabric. I'm thinking white canvas type might work better. We shall see....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-day!

Happy Day of Love. I never was a big fan of Valentine's, but the truth is, my bitterness derived from the fact that I didn't really know what LOVE was. That is until I met Albert and had his babies. :)
I make it a point to focus on family and handmade stuff. Like our V-day dinner tonight. I'm making a heart shaped pizza and some cupcakes. I made pink lemonade and bought special heart straws... very simple! I told Albert no presents, no flowers, no candy...our love is enough... LOL Gag. I know...
DO NOT get me wrong...each one of these boys/man drives me crazy in their own special way. These relationships are FAR from perfect. I'm not on here to boast that we are oh, so lovey dovey 100% of the time. lol BUT, I will say that these boys/man have taught me how to love and most importantly how to be loved.
I'm glad this day rolls around each year to remind me of JUST that, the love I share for them and their love for me. It's not about all that other stuff. Although, one year I got a beautiful diamond ring and that my friends was pretty swell.
I hope you have a fantastic-love filled Valentines with your love one! Happy V-day friends! Oh, and as for the picture below. THAT is Albert's smile! teheheh He was actually giving me his "I'm too sexy for my shirt" pose. bwahahah!
Oh, and we have something very special coming up. I am going to focus on babies and baby crafts starting this WED. With another baby coming along, I thought I would get crafty before she arrives. We are putting the finishing touches on a whole new baby collection of tags plus we are doing a whole collection on "the everyday scrapper". Can't wait to share.
xoxo, Veronica

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Favorites- Valentine Inspo Galore!

These layouts and cards are from the designers at Glue Arts.
I think they did a wonderful job using our Valentine tags. Love all their projects! Hope you do too. I'm heading to Ethan's school for his Valentine party! *sigh* I loved receiving valentine cards as a kid, and he is super excited to receive them as well. :)

Such beautiful crafts! Hope you enjoyed them as well!
Have a good one!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On my craft table...

I think I have a mild cold. It may be allergies, because I am no where near as sick as Albert. Poor guy, he never gets sick...but when it happens, oh boy!

I've been making cloth bags for my baby shower. tehehe They are for the candy buffet. I know, I am making most of the baby shower stuff. I'm kinda throwing my own shower here! haha My MIL and sisters are providing the food. I'm ok with all the little details. *whispers* The truth is my sisters are NOT crafty. tehehe Yes, they read this blog and I'm sure I'll get a beat down next time we are all together. Ha!
In their defense, not one of them has the time either. They all work "out of the home". I get the opportunity when Noah naps and Ethan is at school. ;) It's a nice break.
Well, here is one of those wonky bags:

What's on your craft table?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've got baby on the brain....

Hello friends!
Did you have a wonderful weekend!?
We had a fun filled weekend. I love when we are able to hang out with friends and this weekend we did JUST that! Unfortunately, we started our work week sick. Albert is fighting a cold, the boys just got rid of theirs and I feel a sore throat coming on. No fun!

I'm still trying to figure out baby shower decorations and invitations. I made 3 this weekend. The colors of her nursery are pink and teal. I have not painted the pink yet, just in case there is a surprise penis. lol You never KNOW! The room is teal and white right now. I'm also going to tackle my very first baby quilt. I just have to convince my BFF Lisa *clears throat* that she wants to help. :)
Til then, we are using the Pottery Barn Hayley bedding. So, I made a floral invite, an owl invite and one with is my flower power invite:

I knew I wanted to add some fabric and sewing, so I gave it a whirl.
I thought having a cover page was kinda, not so much. We'll see.
The inside is pretty simple. It's growing on me...sorta.
The owl invite is a bit on the cutesie side...If I remember, I'll share that one too. I'm still not sure if "cute" is what I want.
I'm also working on bibs at the moment. Hope to share some of those bibs tomorrow.
xoxo, Veronica

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Happy Super bowl Sunday! I have been blessed with a man who doesn't care too much about sports, BUT....he does like all things UFC and he will watch the Super Bowl. So, I guess I'm just partially blessed. ;)
Today, I made the boy some heart pancakes. It was more of a practice run. I want to make him heart pancakes for Valentine's. They came out pretty cute. They were also very easy to make.

I use Fresh & Easy pancake mix. I have tried every batter under the sun, even homemade and nothing beats this batter. I have no idea why, but the pancakes are super moist and fluffy!
I added a couple of drops of red food coloring. I wanted to add fresh strawberries in the mix, but Ethan will not eat strawberry pancakes. You don't need a mold for these, simply make one side and then another.

I cut a slice of butter and shaped it into a heart too.
The boy loved them! I knew that kid would. So, I'll be making these again on the 14th. :) I think I scored major mama points....the boy kissed me and said thank you. SCORE!

How is your Sunday going?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Favorites- For the Love of Pink!

I have pink on the brain. I swore I would not be obsessed with pink once I found out that we were having a girl...but seriously after 6 years of blue, stripes, green, and more blue....a girl gives in! :)

I joined Pinterest and let me tell ya, that place is inspiration OVERLOAD!
I have been collecting images of ideas for the girl's baby shower.
I'm currently working on custom invitations for a party and that got me thinking of parties, which lead to baby shower planning and Noah's first birthday. Anyway, here are my favorite ideas so far:
Hello beautiful invites. I love the fact that these "save the dates" have fabric on them. I definitely will be making my invites, and will keep a very small guest list. Since it is our third baby and all....but she is the first girl on Albert's side and that makes it special! I still don't have a name...but that monogram idea is fabulous!
I loved having a candy buffet at Noah's baby shower and it was a HIT! So, I'm totally going to do it again! I also think using lace around the jars is sooo cute!

When I first saw these cupcakes my jaw dropped. How beautiful and creative! I wish I could do this. Here is the site it came from.
I think I'll test this idea before I actually convince my sister, she should bake these. lol Rosa my love.....your niece would call you her favorite once she sees that YOU made her these! lol

These rose napkins are simply delightful! They look tricky, but gorgeous!!
I think I want some fresh flower centerpieces. I think pinwheels will make them look super cute!
But then I saw this beautiful table centerpiece. ummm speechless!

I know, I'll be using lots of pink and the shower will have a vintage feel to it. I must get started on some of these beautiful ideas. Once month 7 comes around, I may have no energy.
Have you seen any more girl baby shower ideas? Please share!! If you have a Pinterest, let me know!
Also, one more thing, I need baby girl names...send me ideas. I told Albert that I loved the name "Mila" since my wonderful friend Amber suggested it, and he said, "what about Lope"? heheh funny man. I guess he's not that fond of the name.
I'll check in this weekend with some more scrapbook pages. I have attempted more. Thank you for all your kind words. :)
xoxo Veronica

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Guest Designer

- I have a baby asleep in my lap on a Boppy. Gotta do what you gotta do to keep him happy and get things done!
- I still have 12 pesky pounds to go before I’m back at my pre-pregnancy weight!
- I haven’t washed or cleaned the car since August… that’s unheard of for me since I’m such a neat freak!
- I take my baby on a walk to the grocery store every day to get a free sample and to escape the house.
- As soon as I’m done typing this sentence I’m gonna go to CHA!

My scrap space: I store all of my scrap supplies in the nursery. When I need to scrap I haul everything I need out onto the dining room table and make a giant mess!
My days are very long and full with taking care of my new baby, Fox, and working full-time at home, so I find I’m most creative at night after I’m done working and the baby is asleep. I can spend all day thinking about what I want to scrap and then sit down and let the ideas flow.

I started scrapbooking when I was 16 years old after I got my very first job at a scrapbooking store in Redmond, WA called Yesterdays Scrapbooking & Stuff. I’ll admit, I thought scrapbooking was a bit corny before I started working there, but soon after I succumbed to all the beautiful papers and embellishments. I’ve always been a “hands on” kind of girl and super sentimental so it seems only natural that I would LOVE scrapbooking. Here is a link to my scrapbooking gallery:

I have so many memories it’s hard to choose! I guess I’d have to say going to Disneyworld. I love the rides, the atmosphere, the food, all of it. We even went there on our honeymoon and are fortunate to live by Disneyland for the new few years.

I love making flowers or any kind of shape out of a big mix of patterned papers.

Song: Jars by Chevelle
Movie: Good Will Hunting (I just saw it for the first time a few weeks ago and love it!)
TV show: Fringe (like LOST and X-Files, two of my favorite shows, combined!)

Bookbinding! I took a class in college and haven’t stopped making books since! I don’t really use them for anything, I mostly give them away, but I just loooove making them. Here’s a link to my bookbinding gallery:
NOW, on to her beautiful creations using our Valentine tags!

Her is one of her famous techniques:
Love this card using our Vintage Bottle Cap Valentine tags:

Albert & I would like to thank Paige for all her hard work! She sure brightened up our blog today!

Please check out her wonderful BLOG!

xoxo, Veronica