Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Guest Designer- Stephanie Howell

Hello! Our wonderful February designer is my sweet  
Yup, I just said, "my". I adore Steph. She's sweet, down to earth and just plain beautiful. :)
Lets get to know her better, shall we?

5 Randoms
1. i am obsessed with the civil wars. i bought their album after the grammys and now i play them on repeat. 2.i am moving to RI this summer,this will be the fifth state i've lived in.
3.i haven't had my hair cut in 8 months. you can tell. :)
4.i use doilies on everything.i don't care if they are overdone. i feel the same way about butterflies.
 5.i ran errands for half of the day today before i realized there was a "k" thicker stuck to my rear.

When are you most creative?  
when i have a moment to breathe and make something without eight tiny hands grabbing at me and four tiny mouths chanting "MAMAMAMAMAMA". sunlight is good, so nap time is a creative time for me.

When and why did you start scrapbooking?
when i was pregnant with my first daughter harper (she is almost six). i went to a close to my heart party and decided i wanted to start documenting my life.
Favorite Childhood Memory?
Baby Stephanie
my mother was so creative and amazing. she would throw "TGIF" parties for us every friday when we came home from school, decorations and all. she made our childhood so fun and whimsical! this is something i try to do for my girls too.
Favorite technique?
 i don't really do techniques. the thing i do on all pages is hand journal.

Your favorite song/movie/tv show at the moment?
 song-poision&wine by the civil wars tv show- modern family (NO CONTEST)

Favorite past time (besides scrapbooking)?
 reading. not that i get to do much of that these days. only time for one hobby.

Now, lets see what Stephanie made with our delightful tags!!

I love her project life pages!! Well, I love all her projects! Please visit Steph's blog, this girl is amazing! :)
Thanks for helping us out Stephanie! :)


Lara said...

Love her too! She's so sweet and extremely talented!!!

rhonda said...

Love Stephanie's work, she is amazing!

mommy2alex said...

I follow Steph's blog, she is awesome! LOVE what she did with your amazing tags!!!!

reyah said...

Yes, i agree with you guys. I think i a going to follow her blog too after reading this post.