Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Meet The Design Team- Ania Maria Wolniak

Five Randoms About Me:
a. A habitual Pinner (on Pinterest).
b. A collectioner of vintage cameras (with emphasis on Kodaks).
c. An amateur of Parisian-style breakfast with a mandatory patricipation of Bonne Maman Rhubarb Marmalade.
d. Addicted to photography - deprived of my camera I feel like a fish out of water… 
e. Fulfilled and pleased with my life.

When Are You Most Creative?
 I am most creative and full of artistic zeal just after having seen or heard something inspiring - having received a parcel containing new scrap materials, having come across an interesting, out of the ordinary challenge; I am usually most productive late in the afternoon or late at night.
When Did You Start Scrapbooking?
My scrapbooking adventure started about four  years ago when my son was celebrating his first birthday. I got him a scrapbooking album as a gift and began to fill it with photos – it engrossed me so much that it became my passion; that was also the moment when I started writing my blog.
Share With Us A Fond Childhood Memory?

 My mother has been an opera singer, years ago she used to take me to the theatre to accompany her during her rehearsals. While she was on stage, I used to get wild backstage trying on various historical costumes, wigs, step dance shoes, monster masks. I used to run among old scenography equipment folded in the storeroom, play with stage props …. I knew every nook and cranny of the theatre like the back of my hand, even better than some of its employees. Everyone was either my aunt or uncle, they took shifts taking care of me. Even today I can recall the scent of the makeup room, the sounds of the loudspeaker in the dressing room coming from the stage, as well as specks of dust glittering in the spotlights after the stage curtain was raised. 
Do You Have Any Favorite Techniques?
Ania's Scrap Space (swoon)

 I adore mix-media technique, but above all I cannot imagine making a scrap or album without using at least a tiny bit of paint! I love watercolours, acrylic and colour ink.

What Are Your Favorite Songs/Movies/ TV Shows?
fav. Song: ‘Mooves like Jagger’ – Maroon 5 fav. Movie (right now): ‘Sharlock Holmes. A game of shadows’ and ‘The Social Network’ (yes… just watched it…) fav. Tv show: … maybe… it can be ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

What's Your Favorite Past Time when not Scrapbooking/ Crafting?
Travelling! Discovering completely new places or returning to the ones I have already been to, not once nor twice, places I am particularly fond of. During these visits I love taking photos - to be honest I tend to take my camera with my literally almost everywhere - I enjoy searching for amazing colours in various parts of the world, capturing some characteristic forms of cities and their dwellers. I like having time for all of that and I take great pleasure in just staying in a place rather than touring it.

Ania is so adorable. When I email her, I can only imagine what she sounds like and how beautiful she is in "real life". She is super talented and so down to earth. I just love her to pieces. :) Thanks Ania for all your time and talent you share with us! P.S. HOW cute was she as a child? Oh my...i want to pinch her cheeks!! lol Don't forget to bookmark her lovely BLOG she is a frequent blogger.

Here is a beautiful layout she made using our new Everyday Life collection.

Thanks for stopping by. We have A layout from another fantastic designer, Evgenia!
xoxo, veronica


rhonda said...

Love Ania-Marie and that girl can rock the paint!

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

I know Rhonda! She is a beautiful person too!

Anna-Maria said...

thank you girls; you're so nice :)

Thank you so much for the honor to be a part of your fantastic team Veronica!