Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meet the Team- Jaime Warren

  List 5 random things about you right now:  
I am addicted to the show Being Human on SyFy.  
I am a total Instagram addict.  
I have developed a major shoe addiction recently. 
I love a good bubble bath and a book.  
Watching Harry Potter (or reading it) always makes me feel better when I'm sad or not feeling well.

When are you most creative?
At night. Especially into the wee hours of the morning when the house is quiet!

When and why did you start scrapbooking?  
I started scrapbooking when a friend introduced me to it.  When I found online scrapbooking communities I was hooked! I love photography and having a way to do more than just throw my photos in a photo album made me extremely happy.

What is your favorite childhood memory? 
Visiting the Rocky Mountains with my family. I can still vividly remember riding the sky tram with my mom. I still love the mountains!

What is your favorite scrapbooking/craft technique?  
Misting & Layering

Your favorite song/movie/tv show at the moment?  
I have several: Being Human, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle and Supernatural.

Favorite past time (besides scrapbooking)?  
Photography of course, but I am also a reading fanatic.  I can absorb a book in one night if time allows!
I hope you enjoyed getting to know Jaime a bit more. Please check out her blog: 3*2*5 
it's full of beautiful things.  Here are are a few of this month's projects:
Items Used: Everyday Life Notebook ATC, Everyday Life number Tabs, Valentine Banners ATC and Valentine Flair buttons
Tags Used: Valentine Banner & Valentine Scalloped Squares.
Her use of doilies melt me. Yes, it's true...I'm ONE of those ladies that LOVES doilies! Hate's ok. LOL!!


rhonda said...

Her card is lovely!

Creative Photo Albums said...

The card melted me as well. Love the color combo on this one. I admired how you come up with such a cute looking canvass. :)

Annabella Merlin