Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Meet the Team- Jen Erickson

Meet The Design Team
Jen Erickson 
5 Random Things:
1. when a kid hugs me at school (i teach first grade), he/she usually says, "you smell good."  to which i reply, "thanks, i just farted."  it brings the house down every time! :)

2. i am strangely in love with the typerwriter font.  love it.

3 my dad is a retired secret service agent and was just interviewed (extensively) for a special which aired last week on the discovery channel. it was so cool and will play again februaruy 12th and 13th. 
4.  when i introduce my husband to people, i say, "this is my baby daddy...of all THREE kids."  he HATES it, but i just can not stop.
5.  i am horrible with song lyrics.  i thought the song that says, "if you like PINA COLADAS and getting caught in the rain" was really "if you like BEAN ENCHILLDAS and getting caught in the rain".  the song party in the USA really says "and the jayzee song was on".  i thought it was "and the green beans on the lawn".  true story.
When are you most creative?  
"Very early morning when everyone else is sleeping and the day hasn't really begun (on the weekends) or late at night".
Here is a peak at Jen's scrap space:

When and why did you start scrapbooking?
"for real in 1997 before my first kid was born.  i used creative memories and mrs. grossmans stickers.  it was legit.  HOWEVER, i really began in 1990 in college with old school scrapbooks, scotch tape, and crayola markers.  my roommate and i wanted to record our drunken nights of parties and such.  everyone loved them and would come to our room to look at our scrapbooks all the time".
Your favorite childhood memory?
Cute baby Jen
"when i was 7 years old, i got a yellow (banana seat) huffy bike for my birthday.  
even better, my friends and i went to skateland for my party and i had a plastic comb in the back pocket of my one and only pair of jordache jeans.  i was soooo cool". :)
What is your favorite scrapbooking/craft technique?
"inking edges of stuff.  i do it all the time"!
Favorite movie/TV show/ book?
napoleon dynamite.  now and forever.  it edged out grease and will remain in the top spot because of the humor".
Favorite past time?   
"laying on the couch and watching tv.  i am so busy in life that when i get to be a bum, i cherish it".

Jen, made me laugh since the moment I read her entry. I fell in love with her spunky personality and I knew she was "real". She represents the clean everyday scrapbooker. She doesn't make cards, mini albums or altered stuff. She is a mom preserving memories! I love that about her! Albert and I are so thrilled to have her on our team! Welcome Jen!!
Please visit her blog for more inspiration!    
xoxo, Veronica 


Nitasha said...

I agree with you Veronica! I was hooked on Jen after reading her first comment! Anyone who has an amazing sense of humor and loves rockin' paper and scissors has my vote! Can't wait to see (and hear) more from Jen!

rhonda said...

Put a smile upon my face today! Thanks Jen and Veronica!