Friday, February 3, 2012

Project Life

I can finally say, "I started Project Life". Whew! lol I have the first week complete. I know, I know...we are now in February. 
It was tricky at first. I know the whole point and appeal to this is the SIMPLICITY of the project.
I'm wondering if you too have run into problems? Is it just me? :)
Here were some of my kinks 1. I had too many pictures. I went OVERBOARD!! 2. I quickly became overwhelmed with the design of each protector. AHH! 4x6" 3X4" vertical, horizontal...holy cow! 3. It's a huge commitment. Weekly picture taking, note taking etc.?? Too much for this mama of 3 and business owner to think about or handle! 


After I took a chill pill. I told myself it was JUST like Week in the Life. One week at a time!
I loved that project. I'm talking LOVED!! 
My plan: Take pictures. No set number. If I forget the camera for a day. Fine. Take notes and shove them in a "note" box. Collect receipts, packaging, tickets. Whatever my heart desires! Someday I want to see what I spent on my groceries back in 2012. I want to see which movie I watched on date night. It may be VERY cheesy to each their own!
I solved the protector kink too. I bought every design. This way, I can play with all designs. Problem solved.

If I skip a worries. Just keep swimming! 

So here is week 1:
 I really loved using all sorts of scraps and I totally gave myself a huge pat on the back for hoarding all those said scraps. :D I hate the glare of the protector, sorry.
If I didn't bore you too much, I think I'll share my progress every Friday. I know some of the designers are working on PL too and I love what they are doing. Please go check them out!
Have a great weekend!
xoxo, Vero


rhonda said...

Loveit! Nice job Veronica! I did not start PL this year. I really got overwhelmed with my Dec. Daily this year and that has never happened and I KNEW PL would be too much for me, but I am getting a grandbaby in July so I might try it then!

Sasha Farina said...

Please do share your PL. i don't even care what day you're sharing.. i wanna see it all. I'm nosey like that. Heeheee!!

jendcnguyen said...

I had the same issues as you listed. But as you did, I took a breath and just go with the flow!! Your PL looks like it's off to a great start!! =)

Rosie said...

This isn't boring at all! I found it very inspiring and can't wait to see more of your weeks!

mommy2alex said...

WOW, you rock! I love PL, please share yours with us every week, what a treat! (seriously cheesy how it rhymes, sorry! ha!)

Amy Coose said...

You did a great job on your the pic of your hubby holding the kiddos! So, so sweet!

Special 'K' said...

Oh your beautiful images are just so sweet. Thanks for sharing. This is my first visit to your special space, I will follow on my way out as I am sure I will enjoy engaging and supporting your special place now I have found you,I hope you will find the some time to come visit me some time. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

Anonymous said...

I print my pictures at Walmart using their HP instant printer. You can print up to 7 pictures on one 4x6 using their collage feature. You can also choose your color background and add text. The best part is its only 28 cents a picture. If you still need more room I also use Flip Flap Memory Protectors (4x6) by Close to my Heart. They are 4x6 page protectors with an adhesive flap. There are 15 for $3.50. I use them all the time. Remember do it your way!!!!

Lorraine said...

I will be looking forward to your posts. I am in the UJ and looking forward to my delivery in March.