Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You've Been Served

Do you know what I love about Jen? I can't say this enough...she is your everyday scrapper!! She reminds me to focus on the "story". I get caught up on everything but, and sometimes...I forget to journal. I know, what the heck!? Lately, thanks to our designers, I found time to scrapbook. Really!!!? I HAVE time!! These designers are truly a blessing. 
Here is a layout by my sweet and lovable Jen:

Items used: Everyday Life ATC & Everyday Life Flair Buttons.
Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow we meet another designer! :)
xoxo Vero


mommy2alex said...

LOVE her! I'm enjoying your designers too! They're awesome :)
I need to find time to scrapbook, be an everyday scrapper - just get it down and don't get so hung up on making it perfect. Just do it!
(Thanks for listening to me giving myself a pep talk on your blog comments! HA!)

meganklauer said...

Love Jen's style! I've been a fan since way be when she was in CK. We don't live too far apart & I'd love to meet her someday! Great designer V!!!

rhonda said...

Love seeing the Chic products used in clever ways! Love this layout!

kirstyb said...

fab post thanks for sharing