Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meet the Team- Allison Waken

  5 Random things about me right now
I can't drink enough tea - I love it and could drink so much of it but try to balance it out with water!
I'm always working with a cold dog nose touching my arm
I rarely sit in front of the tv without the laptop as well
I want to go to
Putting away laundry is my least favorite chore
What is your favorite childhood memory?
Having Cheerio fights in the backseat with my brother without my parents knowing. Or performing random skits :)

When are you most creative?
At the most inopportune times. Seriously.
  When and why did you start scrapbooking?
I can't remember when I started. I have scrapbooks from when I was back in grade school.
What is your favorite scrapbooking/craft technique?
Oh there are so many and so many I want to try! I love layering/mixing textures and patterns

Your favorite song/movie/tv show at the moment?
Song - I have no idea. I love music, all kinds of music. Movie - Harry Potter (any of them) TV Show - Modern Family
Favorite past time (besides scrapbooking)?
Photography or Legos :)

I just love getting to know the designers a bit more. Loved all the white in Allison's craft space. My room could never stay that fresh and clean! :)  Please visit Allison's sites here:

 Now on to a beautiful layout she created using some of our fantastic tags. :) lol

Thanks for dropping by!
xoxo, Veronica

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rhonda nickol said...

Love the spatters on the layout along with the white space in it and her white scrap room!