Monday, April 30, 2012

Meet Andrea Budjack

As April comes to an end today, we say goodbye to my awesome design team. :(
I'm going to miss the extremely talented Andrea. She is so inspiring and just plain awesome! Before we say goodbye lets get to know our card guru a bit better shall we?
5 random things about you right now?  
 Married my high school sweetheart and been together for 17, that sounds like forever.
Not a morning person.
Talk to my mom on the phone more than an hour everyday since there are 3,000 miles between us.
Love to watch a romantic comedy daily, if possible.
Find teaching my boys how to tie their shoes to be more complicated than I originally thought.

What is your favorite childhood memory?
When I was growing up we lived at the base of a mountain in Oregon and loved summers camping, swimming in the lake and hiking.

When are you most creative?
 I have spurts of creativity throughout the day.  Depends on when an idea comes to me, but mostly while my little ones are at school.

 When and why did you start scrapbooking? 
I began scrapping in college.  My friend and I used to head to the local craft store and pick up new items often, head home, order pizza, and create.

What is your favorite scrapbooking/craft technique? 
  Favorite crafting technique...sewing anything! 
Your favorite song/movie/tv show at the moment? 
  A movie I craft to and watch daily...Crazy, Stupid, Love. 
Favorite past time (besides scrapbooking)? 
  Favorite past time, listening to my little ones read. 

If you ever need more crafty inspo, please visit her BLOG.

** I feel privileged to have Andrea helping us with cards each week. I really am So very thankful for all her hard work!
I have several she made that I will still be showing on here. :)  Here is one of her recent creations:
xoxo, Veronica


rhonda nickol said...

Love her cards!

Marlou McAlees said...

I love Andrea's creations, her unique style, she is one of my fave designers :) TFS ♥

Belladonna said...

What a wonderful place to scrap :)