Thursday, July 12, 2012

get moving!

Hello everyone, it´s Janna here. Today I got a layout to share about my latest ... well not really addiction but... challenge?! It can be quite addictive though :-) Hubby and I recently signed a contract in a local gym. You know all those excuses you can come up with?! Like ... I can´t go today because I already washed my hair this morning (and everyone knows it´s not healthy to wash it twice a day, righty?!) or I can´t go today, it´s afternoon already and it will be too crowdy (as if there weren´t enough gym machines *laughs*) ... anyways, I think you get the point. To avoid any lacks of motivation, I created a layout that reminds me of just doing it. "Schwing die Hufe" is German for get moving! I designed the layout to look like a clipboard, just love pages like that.

I used the following Chic Tags supplies:

Have a lovely day, guys, see you next thursday :-*

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PrinzessinN said...

Dein Layout ist wundervoll. Und du hast recht...das muss ich mir auch oft sagen...Schwing die Hufe...halt einfacher gesagt als getan. LG