Monday, October 15, 2012

Davis' Seventh Month, or not so much.

I was so excited to finish Davis' seventh month page for his album.  When I was editing the layout on my computer, it hit me that these pictures were actually from his eight month, not the seventh.  I guess the sleepless nights have caught up with me, huh?

At any rate, his eighth month page is now done, I will just have to redo the title, obviously.  I'll be back with his seventh month page soon. Oy.

And some closeups of the Chic tags.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great Monday!


beckyjune said...

Before too long he will be sleeping better and you will soon forget the sleepless nights. It goes by so fast and he is such a cutie, Amy. Gorgeous job with your layout!

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

This is such a cute layout! I love the "favorite photo" tag!!!
I've had to go back and change a thing or to on a layout when the babies were least we have our kids to blame it on ;)

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

that should have been or "two". see we really can blame it on the kids lol lol