Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Calendar inspired layout- perfect to keep you motivated!

2013 Kasia Tomaszewska 

 Hey! It's Kasia here today with a little Chic Tags inspiration and quick how to!
 At the beginning of the year most of us feel  pretty inspired and motivated, we set goals, make plans and wishes and feel like if we were on the top of things, right? Some of us can keep this mood for next 12 months, but how about these who need a tiny reminder to help them stay on track? I have a little calendar inspired project for you today which you could frame and keep around as extra motivator for following months.
  2013 a Kasia Tomaszewska

To create this page I picked a white cardstock trimmed to the size which I could easily frame (8.5''x11''). I also grabbed some Chic Tags- Month Labels were a must for this project, than I matched another 2 sets with white background to create cohesive look with my base. These are the sets I picked:

I started with making kind of a frame with my Month Labels. Before I placed them I run around the page few times with my sewing machine to create nice border. You could also draw lines, use strips of paper or washi tape to do that! Than I sticked my tags on border- some of them I attached to the base with 3d adhesive for more dimensional look. I also added some loose threads under few of the labels- it alsways makes the page look a bit lighter.
  2013 1 Kasia Tomaszewska
2013 1c Kasia Tomaszewska
2013 1b Kasia Tomaszewska

Once my calendar frame was done I started filling up the middle of the page. First thing I did was adding a stamped grid image and some doodles followed by misting through mask directly on my base. I decided to use a photograph from New Year's Eve as main element of my page but you could also use printed list of your resolutions, your goals or One Little Word on the page like this! I grabbed 2 doilies from Spring Doilies set and than added a tag from Speech Bubble Journaling Tags which I embellished with some wooden letters. Again I used some 3d tape to make these elements ''pop'' from the page a bit. I finished composition by creating diagonal line with tiny stars, rhinestones and mist splashes- it makes my page a little bit more dynamic.
  2013 2 Kasia Tomaszewska
2013 2b Kasia Tomaszewska
2013 2a Kasia Tomaszewska

I smile any time I look at this fun calendar layout. I hope that it's happy colors and fun composition will remind me about all the good  energy which comes at the beginning of the year in next 12 months! Have a great day! Kisses! Kasia

PS. Have you realized that there is no single piece of patterned paper on this page? Just Chic Tags lovely labels!

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Melinda said...

Fun layout! I love the dimension!