Friday, January 18, 2013

Chic Tags CHA 2013 Re-cap

Veronica here with a long re-cap of CHA 2013.
I still can't believe it's over. I prepared for months, but really had no idea what to expect from it all. I took webinars, researched a whole lot, and it was exhausting. VERY exhausting!
I've been blessed to have big stores under my belt coming in, so my true expectations lied more on relationships/networking/exposure. Up until now, people had no clue who we were.

As designers/business owners we doubt ourselves far too often. I really didn't expect too much from any one. I guess I wanted some confirmation, that this is the direction I'm suppose to be heading. Many times I have doubted myself.
What I got was worth far more than anything I could imagine. I received contentment, encouragement, support, love, excitement, inspiration and long lasting friendships.
I also received praise from so many strangers that quickly found a soft spot in my heart. God is so good.

Albert and I loaded our small van with all our booth and headed to LA on Friday. The roads were closed due to snow and this put a delay on our arrival time.
My badge made me smile. Yup, I'm the owner of CHIC TAGS. :) It was a long, long road from etsy to here.

We got there with only 4 hours to set up. AHHH. It was hectic. It helped that we had set this whole thing up before in our living room. We did it in 4 hours flat!!! Take down was super easy!!! 2 hours and we were done.
People were in love with our product! Again, something I wasn't sure would happen.
LO by Nicole Duenke
We got so many compliments and people loved the booth's homey atmosphere.

We received a very high score from CHA officials for our beautiful FIRST TIMERS booth. Apparently it's a  new timer's trend to use the yucky yellow curtains and a generic poster sign first time around. NOPE, not for us at Chic Tags!! Over achievers I tell ya! lol
I collected things from estate sales/yard sales/antique shops and my friend let me borrow items from her shop too! I wanted a good solid first impression. My brand means everything to me. It will HOPEFULLY only get better from here!
People loved this 50 cent file box. I scored this beauty at an estate sale. I placed all my business cards in here:
This sweet little banner made with the Birthday Cake banner tags got tons of pics taken by the press:
The make-n-takes were a hit! We made birthday card holders. SUPER functional. I remember tossing away most of my make-takes from CHA's past.
People were impressed with all my little details. A favorite were all my Anthropologie berry baskets (they were pricey but worth it):
The projects received lots of compliments too (thank you friends for your contributions):
I ironed on my life's motto on a piece of canvas and wrapped it around an embroidery hoop. BE THE GOOD!
These World Market props were also a hit. :)
I loved the hand painted signs! Albert did a fantastic job!
LO by Megan Klauer
This collection: Road Trip was everyones favorite!!! My favorite is Birthday Cake.
The hutch was MY favorite piece  It was custom made by a friend of ours and we hand painted this hutch days before the show:
I got a lot of "clever" comments for my QR Code sign. It was my way of bringing the designers work to life:

I personally loved this custom wooden sign. A local small business custom made this for cheap because he heard about our story:
My heart left full. I plan on using this journal to jot down more ideas. The good, the bad, the must improves.

I of course brought my babies with me. Well, their pictures! lol
The best thing I took from all of this was the friendships. There are some beautiful souls out there! 
We came home tired but pumped. Already planning the VEGAS show. It's going to be fantastic!!! With a lot of WORK and dedication we will be there. Can't wait!!!!

Here is a video from our booth: xoxo Veronica


Steph Russell said...

Hi! So pleased for your success at CHA and I love your booth and recap. Just wondering when the baby and Road Trip collections will be available? And any images coming soon? Or have I missed seeing them somewhere?! Good luck with everything in the future!

Anonymous said...

Everything looked amazing!! Seriously! I loved that you shared all the details here, so fun to see it all come together. Love the banners, the art hoops you did, the wooden sign, hutch, love it all. And that little file holder turned out to be perfect! Better than the other idea by far because it was your idea!

Love, Amber

Stephanie Howell said...

I am SO proud of you. And how did we not get a photo together???
And when will I be able to buy everything? B/c I need it ALLLLL! Xoxoxo

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I absolutely LOVED your booth .... and I loved you too!!! You are just the sweetest!!! I used some of the tags you gave to me and my friend Krista on a layout here -- --- and I also featured your booth on my bloggy here -- -- you guys are just awesome and now I can't WAIT for more Chic Tags!!!!!!!!

Natalie said...

Your booth looked fantastic! I am so happy for you and glad everything went so well! <3

Janeen said...

Super proud of you girl! I pray that you only grow bigger! Your heart is in the right place

Sherri said...

I am so happy for your first CHA success Veronica. The booth looked amazing, and the custom sign was just the most perfect touch. I am thrilled to be a part of your team, and can't wait to stat showing off the new collections soon xoxo

rhonda nickol said...

I am so excited for you Veronica and Albert! And I can't wait to get my hands on your new products! Thanks for sharing your booth it was amazing!

Melinda said...

The booth looks amazing! You guys did a great job with 4 hours! :) Congrats!

mommy2alex said...

Oh my goodness, LOVE it all! I want that hutch!!
Really like the video, shows how vibrant and beautiful the colors of or tags are!
If you need a helper for Vegas, I'm there! ;)

Shan Herren said...

Congrats on your successful 1st CHA booth! I adore your Chic Tags line and hope to see them in my local scrap store, The Scrapbook Princess, located in Moody AL!

sbookinshay29 said...

Yayyyy you had a great show!!! The booth was incredible, the new collections are amazing & I am so glad we got to meet in person! Vegas will be even more amazing! xoxo
[wave hello at Albert for me, such a sweet guy you have there putting up with all us crazies ;]

Loredana said...

I am soo soo proud to be part of this amazing family!!! Vero you rock! Really the new products make me crazy and you are the sweetiest girl in the world! I love you!!!!

Chic Tags said...

@ Loredana Thanks doll. I'm blushing! It was a lot of work. God is my strength! The glory is all his!!!!

Lenetta Carnes said...

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Be sure and check out my new Blog Hop that we just started, It's Weekly Goals Link Up. It's a great way to stay on track. Have a great day. :) Here's the link in case you want to check it out. Thanks again

Keri said...

Yes, LOVED your booth for sure...I definitely put Road Trip up on my must-haves CHA pinterest board! :)
It was a pleasure meeting you and so happy that your first CHA went so very well!

WillieburgScrapper said...

It's certainly been a long journey for you but I'd say you've finally arrived. Chic Tags products have always been awesome- this was just the icing on the creative cake.
You totally KILLED with that fantastic booth!
It was a kick seeing your family and friends pulling together to make everything with and for you- I know I was inspired!
I think the biggest blessing is that you have this band of people behind you who support your work. GREAT going and I can't wait to see where you go next!