Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Project Life 2013

how are you!!! happy new year!!! A new is just begun and this year I am in, I want to be part of this cool circle making my project life!!! Definitely!!! Some little internet connection problems but today I want to show immediately my starting page!!!
I already am completely in love with this project!!!

What do you think?
I love to mix digital and phisical products and I love to use chic tags journaling tags!!! They can be a place for your thoughts, a place for a tile or a lovely embellishment for your works!!!

For this page I have used Autumn days Mini tags - set of 12 and Everyday Life buttons
they are simply amazing to use in my project Life!!!

My goals?
Something here:

BELIEVE | Believe .. this little word is full of meaning and this year will be my keyword! Believe! Believe that your dreams can come true, believe that everything will be fine and have no break in the future and life, believe in yourself and in your skills and  abilities! I decided to join the class of Ali Edwards,  One Little Word! I want to see what  I'll do this year !
ME | I ... oh yes! I am before all things and everyone  I have to do I have to be there in the first place and not for selfish reasons but for my health! Only being in peace with myself I can be comfortable with others and do the things that I would otherwise realize all ! I have to learn to say 'no' healthy and do not say always yes putting others first and then myself .. will be a long process but I have to do it! I want to do only only what I really  want to do, seriously and not what in one way or another I have to do! Take  moments  just for me to relax, doing nothing in particular. Shake my problems and frame them in right perspective.
LIFE | Living my life ... enjoy more the little things and the little pleasures of life, even cooking, or watching a movie on the couch, no stress! Laughing, smiling and enjoy the surprises of my life.
HOME | Home ... my little house is everyday gaining character, sometimes I add a piece and that's the beauty of building a house together and with only our strenghts ! 
FAMILY & FRIENDS | Family and friends .... I want to spend more time with my love and be mentally free and spend serious time with friends and family, and do not do as often happens, being with my friends, but so unhealthy, stressed, thinking about what I have to do! No! Relax!
SPORT | ---- would be the case to go back to doing physical activity on an ongoing basis and lose at least 5 kg!
READ | Books ... my goal is to read 12 books this year, one book a month!
BLOG | Blog .... keep it as current as possible and tell seriously of my life .. even if it is not  the life of a Hollywood star :)
TRAVEL | Travel ... I want to make at least one trip in this 2013, a journey that is only for entertainment, a holiday, exploring new places!
ORGANIZATION | Organization .... that should be improved this year, take on with things to do and have a good organization at home and everything is a great starting point to avoid unnecessary stress! Do one thing at a time without thinking about what to do next and focus your attention on that thing and not a thousand per second!
DREAM! | Dreams ... eh fulfill my dreams .. one of these? Spend a nice weekend in the tree house!
PHOTOGRAPHY | Photography ... I wish to make a second photography course  but I would really like to be photographed , me and Massi,  I want to do for a long time and I hope to have the enough money to do it this year!
MONEY | Soldini .... This year I have to avoid waste and put aside all the money , I hae  to save money.
LEARNING | learn ....keep learning languages​​, French, English, Spanish ... let's see ....
we will see a little what will happen .... I hope to meet the targets ... this nice list will be part of my Project Life 2013 :)
Finally, this phrase that I read on the blog of Elise Blaha I really liked and I think I'll make it my own :) also could not be more perfect ... don't have fear of your future!
And you what are your goals for this year?

Would you join me in this fun and amazing way to tell about your life? Come on!!!!


Stampin Mindy said...

I will have to come back and answer all these .. But I wanted to say how adorable this page is. I can't wait to start my PL! :)

sonia a. said...

Deliziosa questa pagina, adoro il journaling e la foto divisa in piu' tasche. Bella!!

Sherri said...

I absolutely love your page Lory, and how wonderful to learn more about you through your goals too.

danellejv said...

Hiii!! I would LOVE to know where you got your pocketed 8.5x11 template pages! Please let me know!