Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hello there and happy Tuesday!  Jennie here and I'm happy to share with you TWO pages today using the fantastic Chic Tags TAGS as the focal point of the design.  As always, the photos are the most important part but the tags will really accent them and be the part that highlights the story.

I had a video sharing with you how I made the page, unfortunately, it didn't quite work out.  (GRRRR) So, we're going to have to make due with only words.

As you can see, it's pretty simple.  (Most of my pages are) I thought about layering around the photo, but I decided to keep it easy, that's where the tags come in.  

I used the School House file cards to layer under and around the photo.  I didn't want them straight, I wanted them a little askew so I placed them, and when I was happy with them I adhered them to the Recess patterned paper.  The file cards on the right side are trimmed, if you look closely, saving the top halves for another project.  (Stretching those awesome cards!)

After I was sure this was a go, I took the page to the sewing machine and stitched the cards.  To complete the look, I lifted the edge of the cards and kind of pulled them up just a bit to give them dimension.  

I also used the Happy Place mini icons, Autumn Days labels (these are on sale and some of my most favorite tags!) and Love Note phrases (also one I love and also on sale!) to round out the page with a little more interest.  Simple, yet not boring!

Now, for this distinctly Christmas page, I believe it feels less simple but is equally focused on the tags!  After layering the photo on a bit of Good Tidings Tree Top paper, I hit the tags pretty hard. I used something from pretty much every set in the Good Tidings collection

The beauty here, I believe, is that both pages look well embellished with using a little bit from here and a little bit from there -- with plenty left over for future projects!  

Thanks for stopping by!  


Valerie said...

So awesome.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are soooooooo beautiful!!!!

Suz said...

cute layouts Jennie! Love the little bits here and there on each layout! :)