Thursday, March 6, 2014

Crazy Proud

My two girls were over the moon when they came home last quarter with straight A's. Both of them! I couldn't not be any prouder and I'm sure you can tell by the expressions on their faces, they were pretty proud, too. ;)
And what better way to document this glorious milestone than with some Chic Tags School House? 
I layered and layered... and layered on this layout. There is paper and tags everywhere! 

Feast your eyes upon the details and then I will share with you the products that were used.

I hope you didn't take that last bit seriously. I mean well, I am going to share with you all the little bits and pieces of my project, but I don't really talk that way. I guess I was having a bit of a moment, there. ;) Now on to the products!

Happy Place Bookworm




 Many of those things on that list are on sale! 
Stop by the shop and pick some up while the gettin' is good!


Veronica Milan said...

This is RAD!!!

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

Super cute layout!

jbonomo said...

Loving all the layers on this one! Sweet!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How awesome!!! I loveeeeee the photos, the angles and the colors!!!!!

Rinako グレー said...

Awwh, so beautiful colors!
'Like a boss' I love this quote XD


Valerie said...

I love love Mandy's layering here. Super cute Lo.

Ruth G said...

So much fun from the angled design to the awesome banner for the title and all the great bits and pieces all over! I love it! Thanks for making me smile!