Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Look At You

Hey everyone! How are you? How's the weather like where you are? As I'm typing this, it's raining in Singapore - which is great news since we have not had any for so long! According to Nidhi (that's my youngest girl) February 2014 was the driest month since 1869! I have no idea how true is that fact but I have no problem believing it. We ran out of green grass quite a while ago, I hope this rain will  be the first of many that will bring green back! 

Enough about the weather! Let's talk scrapping :)

I think I'm more than healthily addicted to circles. I always love adding circular elements to my layouts. Pair circle tags and stitching - and I'm in heaven!

You can see a couple of 'in process' pictures if you follow me on Instagram. Here and here. I apologize in advance for the dark photos on IG, I was creating late into the night.

Babies are such a nice way to start people. ~ Don Herold.

*sigh* So true, eh? 

I used Love Notes Icons and Happy Place Mini Icons for this layout. They work well together in my opinion - the different sizes only add interest to this delightful layout. I know there are a lot of colors on this layout, but that's just how I roll. Colors make me happy, so I thought to myself - "why not?!" :)

I can't wait to play with the rest of my Chic Tags stash and share the resulting layouts with you. 
Till next time!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wow!! Sasha ... this is gorgeous!!! You ALWAYS ROCK the stitching!!!!!!

Rinako グレー said...

Oh, so cute! ^w^


Katie said...

This is beautiful! I love how you stitched the circles onto the layout - it looks awesome!

Suz said...

adorable Sasha!

Suz said...

adorable Sasha!