Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Little Moments

Hello again...Jamie here today to share more of my little obsession love for all things Cloud 9.

jamie pate for chic tags

This layout was inspired by Carol Monson's Adventure...Get It layout. Loved her use of a modified grid format. It's one of those layouts that makes you keep coming back for another look. So I had to lift it.

jamie pate for chic tags

This layout is part of my "Project Life' album for 2014. I have taken to utilizing a lot more traditional layouts for this year's album. And this one celebrates just a simple moment in time. Notice those new fancy Wood Veneer Seqins from the Cloud 9 collection...add glitter glue to them to for additional dimension and pop.

jamie pate for chic tags

This layout has an added piece. Adding interactive elements to a layout gives another measure of interest to a page. Plus it is a fun space for hidden journaling.

jamie pate for chic tags

A single sheet of pattern paper makes up the background to this page. The Lovely pattern paper was cut a third of the way down, and flipped to the polka side on the top, and the chevron pattern on the bottom. It's a great way to make the pattern paper go farther, plus use fabulous contrasting patterns that really add interest to a page.

jamie pate for chic tags

Love to staple elements together, as seen here at the top of the page. The subtle addition of the acetate piece sort of wraps up the feel of this layout and what I was documenting.

jamie pate for chic tags

And can we say more wood veneer love? The clouds are from Cloud 9...

jamie pate for chic tags

The bike is from Let's Go...these veneers just should not be hoarded...they are perfect elements and one simply cannot have enough of them on a project!!!

Hoping this layout inspires your need for Cloud 9. I know it only fuels my obsession. Such a fun group of pattern and pieces to document the very everyday moments of life.


Katie said...

This is such a cool layout. I love the colors and the embellishments! They are perfect!

Rinako Camellia said...

Very nice layout! ^^

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butterfly843 said...

Love this layout!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is gorgeous! I love love love love the colors, the stitching and the grid design!!!!!!

Carol said...

thanks for lifting my layout! this was so fun to see and you did an amazing job ;)