Saturday, May 10, 2014

Project Life: Coronado Beach

Good morning everyone! Who is excited for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend! I'm sharing with you my recent trip to California where me and my friend Chiao decided to take a random stroll to Coronado Beach! The Let's Go collection is definitely for the traveling guru.
Recognize those gold alphas? They are from Good Tiding - an older Chic Tags collection, but how complimentary is it to this collection? But really -- doesn't gold go with EVERYTHING??
I like to pile a bunch of shapes on top of each other. And if you know my style, I always put flairs on top of the sleeves. I think it photographs better that way!
The rub-ons look so good on a bright yellow card stock. Something simple like this is a great filler card.
Chiao took this candid of me watching the sunset. I didn't think the rub-ons would work on Instax, but yep! Sure did! 
I love that car veneer so much! What a cute way to represent a road trip - I left this little guy unpainted.
I was trying for the street sign look with these shapes - did I do it right? Tidbit, tabs, and sticker galore here!
That red and blue striped journal card is so symbolic of travel - every time I see those colors together it reminds me of the airmail stripe in international letters!

I could fill a whole album up on sunsets and sun rises!! Thanks for tuning in!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Fabulous!! LOVING the colors and the photos!!!!

GiadaLucaMommy said...

Love it!!!

IslandV said...

sooo pretty!! What stamp set did you use for the "smitten" sentiment at the end? I love it! Thanks for sharing!