Monday, June 30, 2014

The Places We'll Go

Simple layouts are the hardest. At least for me. What about you? 
I fussed with this layout for one whole day, I kid you not. :) 

From the moment I laid my eyes on that 'The Places We'll Go' wood veneer piece, I already know that I want it to be on a layout like this. Bold, simple, one photo with typewritten journaling. I've had this layout in my vision for the longest time. I'm not always this lucky, but this time, the layout turned out exactly how I thought it would be. 

The flair! Oh the flair button has my heart. Map + heart + flight path = couldn't be more perfect for this layout of mine. Watching the flight path on the inflight entertainment system is my favorite thing to do while sitting in an airplane. I couldn't care less (most of the time) about the inflight movie. Am I alone here? LOL

Add a sticker and a rub-on, and I'm done and smitten too. I love how this layout is so calming to the eyes. Oh, don't get me wrong, I never could stop doing the messy, layered style layouts - they're so much fun, but to create something this simple once in a while gives my heart a lot of joy too. 

Supplies : Let's Go Collection: Rub-Ons, Flair Buttons, 'Places' Wood Veneer; Cloud 9 Collection: Label Stickers, Dreamy PP.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I just loveeeeeee this! LOVING the journaling!!!

Michelle said...

Simple layouts are hard! Your's is just perfect--love it!!

DBMM said...

So cute and clean! I love the way you did it!

rhonda nickol said...

Sasha I have nothing but pure love for this layout!

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

Love, love, love this!!!

Suz said...

Just simply lovely.