Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dreaming with Chic

Well friends...Jamie here...with my last Chic Tags Design Team layout. Thank you so much to Veronica for letting me share here these past months. It has been fabulous working with her amazing designs and products...and I will forever be a fan, that's for sure.

So today...I had a bit of a thought about our scrapbooking...because sometimes there is not always an event to document, or a moment in time to remember. Sometimes it's a dream that needs to be expressed by way of this creative endeavor. And that is just what I want to share with you today.

This layout did not start with a photo, but rather a card. A card from a friend who shares my affinity for traveling and especially spending time in Paris. We visited together many years ago on a girlfriend trip, and we are really desiring to return. I mean...Paris, right?

So for me this was a perfect opportunity to pull out the over the top beautiful World Traveller Vellum Gold Foil paper. Now...I have to be honest here...I am always a little challenged to use speciality paper like this. It sort of intimidates me. Shhh!!! don't tell anyone. But when I layered it over the grid side of the Missing You paper from Let's Go, it was like....Tah Dah!!! it completely worked for me. And I was off to create.

What I decided to do next was to keep the hues in the card working for me and keep this fairly monochromatic. I even colored the Veneer Sequins a yellow mustard color to keep them connected to the rest of the page.

Remember when I said this was an expression of a dream to return to Paris? Well I knew that had to be my title, and so I kept it real subtle by placing the letter stickers under the vellum.

So here's my challenge: create a page that is simply a want to, a wish, a dream you have in your mind. Not something that already happened. Project yourself forward by creating a visual incentive to go and do something that you are right now only dreaming about. And above all, enjoy the process.

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and affirmations while I was here at Chic. I will promise not to be a stranger. Now go and dream!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is gorgeous!!!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee that photo!!!!

Suz said...

Beautiful Jamie! Your work here at Chic Tags has been stunning and appreciated! I am happy you won't be a stranger here and that I know where I can find your latest creations too!

Jimjams said...

WOW - what a page - so, so beautiful!