Sunday, July 20, 2014

From Where I Stand

I love scrapping myself. Some will say self-indulgent but the truth is, I think we're often so busy scrapbooking about the kids' multiple faces, the vacations, the birthdays, the significant other, the siblings, the pet etc - that we forget to document us. 

I do things for myself all the time. Especially now that the girls are older and able to fend for themselves for a couple of hours even when Sam is not around. That 'alone time' time is so important for me to be not just a better mom, but a better person all around. :)

I love me to love you - that's what I always say.

Are you a loner? I think I am, in a way. I really prefer my own company most of the time. I get easily overwhelmed when I need to spend a lot of time with other people. I don't know if that's a good thing, or a bad thing! LOL.

I'm sure I look a little bit weird while I was setting up the iphone to take a picture of myself, but hey, it only took one try and was quite painless when done on a weekday morning when there are less people at the beach. :D

I found the quote on Pinterest one day and I knew then that it will end up on a layout just like this.

I printed the quote on one of the Let's Go Cards. I got lucky and got them all lined up nicely this time. I confess, this doesn't happen all that often and I danced a little to celebrate. :D

You can never go wrong with butterflies and sequins, if you ask me. :) I cut apart and rearranged Cloud 9 Rub-On sheet and added some wood veneer sequins because they're oh just so adorable in my opinion!

 I added the From Where I Stand flair button, printed 'Me, Myself & I' on a label sticker, added some enamel dots and call it done and I'm loving this layout. 

What about you? Link me up or tag me on instagram if you're scrapping about yourself this weekend!
Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


Hayley Stewart said...

This is just lovely Sasha... I am much like you and enjoy being alone, it must seem so strange to extroverts but it is just where I get my energy from.

Sherri said...

As an extravert, this theory use to seem weird to me, but as I get older and begin to discover that constant activity (whether mine or my kids) drains me, I've come to embrace "alone". The quiet offers a pleasant space to-recharge and re-connect to what makes me, me. So I get it :) Lovely page Sasha xx

Kim A. said...

Really pretty layout!

jamie said...

always so perfect!!!