Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Favourite Product | Story Teller Flair Buttons

I have a secret. I'm a scrapbooking supply hoarder. Hoarder! Okay, maybe it's not really that much of a secret, but sometimes I feel like I need an intervention. One of my weaknesses? Flair buttons. Oh, how I love these adorable little metal circles. But here is where the hoarding comes in.. I rarely use them! I love them so much, that I just can't stand the idea of parting with them! I keep them all in bead boxes and it's not uncommon for me to dump them all out and sort through them just for fun! Though my favourite way to use them is to add them right in the middle of a piece of 3x4 patterned paper and add them in with my pocket scrapbooking.

These exclusive Story Teller flair buttons are some of my most favourite! The black and white striped on with the hot pink heart is pure perfection. I wish I had dozens of these. I've mentioned before about how I love the entire Story Teller line because the colours are exactly what I like. Bright and bold! The flair buttons with the words on them are also so great, who doesn't want a flair button that says "Fierce" on it? I highly recommend picking up a set of these - and if you're anything like me, you might want two sets.

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Kim A. said...

Hi Tracy. My name is Kim and I am addicted to flair, too!! LOVE the exclusive flairs!