Friday, November 28, 2014

Sketch Friday

Hallo everyone, it's Janine Langer here again. :)

Today it's Friday and time for a new sketch!
Most of the times, I create a layout and then I create a sketch out of it, but sometimes I create the sketch first. Today is one of those times. I was thinking about the layout for Chic Tags,
when I was working on my computer.

I knew I wanted to creat a layout about our son and his school times. Our son's a smart kid, he never had to learn to get good grades. But now, that he is in his sixth school year, he has to learn, 
otherwise his grades are bad. 
As he never learned how to learn, he has had quite hard times the past few months. But he realized now, that it's not working without doing something for it, and we are really proud of him. 

That's what I wanted to document, and I wanted to use Chic Tags'
adorable School House Collection for it.

So - when I sat in front of my computer suddenly an idea crossed my mind. What if I could incorporate school grades? First you need to know that in Germany the grades aren't A-F, they are 1-6, at least in the sixth school year. When I had that idea I grabbed printer paper and a pen and started sketching, so I wouldn't forget the idea. That's the sketch I've been drawing in a hurry.

I scanned it to show you the process. :)

A few days later I started the layout. First I wanted to create it in 12x12 inch, but when I arranged the numbers in my graphic programm to prepare them for my Silhouette, I realized that it would look better in 8.5x11 inch. I also knew I wanted to add some structure to the background, as I wanted the numbers to be white on a white background. So I added some modeling paste with a mask. The rest of the layout came together really quick, and this is the result:

Of course also some close-ups:

I am really happy with the result, love the yellow and the white together! One of my favorite color combinations right now.

Here's the final sketch, matching the layout. I hope I could inspire you to use this sketch and create some layouts. If you link it in the comments, that would be great. Would love to see it!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Gorgeous! LOVING how you did the #'s in the background!!!!

Ruth G said...

The white on white background is very striking, especially with all the wonderful textures from the modeling paste, stitching and thread! Thanks so much for sharing!

Kim A. said...

Just awesome. I always love the sketches and the flair is perfect on the corner!!

Diane Payne said...

Great layout, Janine!