Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Workspace Wednesday | Small Spaces

Hey everyone! Tracy here! I'm excited to show you a little peek into "where the magic happens" aka where I scrapbook! I live in a small apartment - small as in 450 square feet. It's a studio, so I don't have rooms where I can close any doors (except to the bathroom) and I certainly don't have space for a dedicated scrapbook room or corner. I just recently upgraded my desk to the one you see below. So before that I scrapbooked on my bed. The majority of my supplies are kept in 12x12 plastic Iris boxes from Michaels (they frequently go on sale so that's a bonus when I need more). Those boxes are kept in my closet, which isn't pretty so I'm not going to show you that! 

When I was looking for a desk, it was important that A) it fit at the end of my bed, which is the only possible place a desk could go. And B) it had to have drawers for easy access to supplies I use all the time. I came across the MICKE desk from Ikea and it was perfect. It also had space underneath where my printer stand and printer could go. 

It had enough room for my lamp and trinkets on the side, my computer and I could still have my album open and be able to scrap. Though, I do still use my bed to lay other supplies out. This desk has two drawers which was perfect. Since I have a variety of plastic storage on hand, I didn't need to purchase anything to go inside the drawers. I mainly used bead containers (pictured below) which I cut the lids off of and plastic dividers meant for cutlery. I rotate my supplies based on what I'm using the most and I'm constantly reorganizing as I go along. I still have so many other products that don't fit in the desk, but I don't mind having them located in a different spot.

I'm so happy with how it turned out! But my dream is to one day have a room dedicated just for creating! Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my desk space! To see more things I create here, you can check out my blog and follow me on Instagram!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving that you have made your space work! I can relate -- I lived in an apartment for awhile -- and all my stuff was stashed in the hall closet -- always fun to drag it all out when I wanted to create! LOL!!!!

Kim A. said...

Loving how organized you are!!! Amazing you can work in such a small space...that rocks!

Bernii Miller said...

That is by far the most awesome desk I have seen in a long time!! I love it ♥