Monday, July 13, 2015

Planning my Summer JOY

Hello LittleSummerJOY lovelies!!

Veronica here to share a great way to "plan" some summer JOY in your everyday planner. Currently I am using a Day Designer planner from Target. If you are thinking of jumping on the planner CRAZE bandwagon, this is a great option!

I was an avid scrapbooker and a part of me still gravitates towards memory keeping even in my planner. I would love to show you how I add tiny photos from my phone and onto my planner pages. It's a rather simple way to capture pictures of your Summer Scavenger Hunt or bucket list photos.

I use the PicFrame app & a Canon Selphy printer to create small 2x2" images that fit nearly perfect in all planners.
Select 4:3 option and the 3 horizontal frames & save the image to your phone.

Next use the Canon app to select the framed photo.  I select with a boarder.

I like to add in my photos from weeks prior or from the same week. 
As for the planning, I like to think I'm a simple kinda gal but sometimes I decorate in my planner like a scrapbook. :)
Here are some of my GO-TO supplies:

I decorate as I plan events and add watercolors, sticky notes and lots of stickers from my shops: &

I would love to see your planner pages via instagram or your blog! Please leave me a comment below, I would love to check them out!  
You can also follow me on instagram: @Veronica_creates

xoxo, Veronica


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOVING your planner!!!!!! Looks awesome!!!!

Anita B said...

Great tips ,love your planner ..xx

Naomi Chelsea said...

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Jen said...

thanks for the tip! I need to try that with my Selphy!

bryansgyrl said...

Beautiful! I have a question about the pages in your planner. Have you noticed much "bleed through"? I'm having a problem with the pages on mine being to thin and am looking for a planner with thicker pages. Thanks!

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Katta said...

Super cool <3


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